Match Spain EuroLotto Prizes with Official EuroMillions Tickets

How do you plain Spain EuroLotto from Australia

How Do You Play Spain EuroLotto and Match the EuroMillions Lottery?

Play Spain EuroLotto online with the same format and prizes as EuroMillions! Fill out your EuroLotto entry with five main numbers from 1-50 and two Lotto Stars from 1-12. You can pick your numbers manually, or use the Auto-pick feature for a random set of numbers.

After confirmation of your order, our local agents in Spain will purchase an official ticket for the corresponding EuroMillions draw using the numbers on your EuroLotto entry.

Get a chance to win some of the biggest prizes in Europe every Tuesday and Friday at 21:00 CET (05:00 AEST the next day) by purchasing your EuroLotto tickets online at theLotter Australia!

What is the El Millón Raffle?

What is the El Millón Raffle?

Your EuroLotto entry guarantees your chance of winning EuroMillions’ bi-weekly El Millón raffle (The Million). theLotter Australia matches your lucky EuroLotto numbers with an official Spanish EuroMillions lottery ticket, automatically entering you in this exciting raffle draw and another chance at winning! This raffle gives you a chance to win a fantastic €1 million prize. The El Millón raffle takes place every Tuesday and Friday in parallel to the regular drawing. A 9-digit alphanumeric code is printed at the bottom of each EuroMillions ticket you’re matched to. If this matches the code drawn in the raffle, you win the €1 million prize!

How to Win EuroLotto Prizes

How Can You Win EuroMillions Lottery Prizes Playing Spain EuroLotto?

If the numbers on your EuroLotto entry match the five winning numbers and two Lotto Stars selected in the draw - you’re a jackpot winner! EuroLotto mirrors the official EuroMillions results and prizes.

The lottery’s top prize starts at €17 million with an extraordinary €250 million cap! If you didn’t win the jackpot prize, you still have a chance of winning big with one of the draw’s 12 secondary prizes that can have you walking away with thousands of euros! Be sure to check the Spain EuroLotto results after every draw to see if you’re a winner. EuroLotto results are based on official EuroMillions lottery winning numbers.

Won a EuroLotto prize? theLotter Australia a will immediately notify you of the exciting news and all the details of your win! Learn more about how our service works.

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EuroLotto Superdraw

What Is the Spain EuroLotto Superdraw?

Do you want to play for something special? Join the EuroLotto Superdraw by matching your entries to the official EuroMillions Superdrawy!

The EuroLotto Superdraw offers a boosted jackpot prize that can be won by matching the five main numbers (1-50) and two Lotto Stars (1-12). theLotter Australia will match your entry to an official EuroMillions Superdraw ticket.

This exciting draw is offered several times a year and anticipated by millions of lottery fans across the globe, and now, Australians can try their luck as well. For more information, read our Guide to the EuroMillions Superdraw!

Is it safe to purchase La Primitiva tickets online?

Is it Safe to Play Spain EuroLotto at theLotter Australia?

Playing the lottery online from Australia, with it's large selection of international lotteries, has never been safer! theLotter Australia encrypts all of your personal information and financial transactions to ensure its security and safety. Worried about your winnings? No need! As a licensed and regulated company, we are obligated by law to be pay our prizes in a timely manner, in full.