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How Do You Play Spain La PrimitivaLotto Online?

How Do You Play Spain La PrimativaLotto Online?

Spain La PrimativaLotto is based on the classic Spanish La Primativa lottery and playing it online is easy! The La PrimativaLotto uses the same rules and prize payouts as the official draws. Simply fill in your entry with six numbers from a guess range of 1-49 and an additional Reintegro number from 0-9. If you’re having trouble deciding which numbers to choose, feel free to use our auto-pick feature for a set of randomly selected numbers.

Your La PrimativaLotto entry will then be matched with an official ticket from a licensed lottery retailer in Spain for the upcoming draw. Try your luck with La PrimatvaLotto three times a week on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 20:30 GMT (04:30 AEST the next day) and be sure to check the La PrimativaLotto results after every draw!

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How Much Can You Win Playing Spain La PrimitivaLotto?

How Much Can You Win Playing Spain La PrimativaLotto?

La PrimativaLotto’s multi-million euro prizes are just a few numbers away! The jackpot prize, which starts at €5 million, can be won by matching all six main numbers and the Reintegro number. Players who match the Reintegro number, regardless of whether they match any other winning number, are entitled to a full refund on the cost of their La PrimativaLotto ticket.

Didn’t win the jackpot? You may be entitled to one of the draw’s ten additional prizes if you have partially matched six main numbers, with or without the Reintegro and/or the Complementario bonus ball!

If you are lucky enough to match a prize, theLotter Australia will notify you shortly after the Spanish La Primativa results are announced. PrimativaLotto winning numbers and prize amounts correspond with those of the official La Primativa draw. This means that any prize you may win will be equivalent to the prize amount offered in the official draw.

Is it safe to purchase La PrimitivaLotto tickets online?

Is it Safe to Play Spain La PrimativaLotto at theLotter Australia?

The minute you sign up to theLotter Australia, you can rest assured that all personal information and financial transactions are encrypted and secured. As we are a licensed and regulated company, theLotter Australia is obligated by law to award all of your winnings in full and ensure that your funds are handled clearly and transparently. Learn more about how it works and check out our extensive FAQ.