European Lottery Guide: All You Need to Know

Curious about all the top European lotteries that are available on theLotter Australia? Want to know the difference between EuroMillions and EuroJackpot? Well, good news, because you've come to exactly the right place! Keep reading our European Lottery Guide to have all your burning questions answered!

Which European lotto has the best odds?

The first thing you'll want to know when deciding which European lotto to play is which game has the best winning odds. Like with other lotteries, it all comes down to balancing winning odds against jackpot prizes. You can expect that lotteries with smaller prizes will have higher odds, and that lower odds will mean higher prizes.

When it comes to winning chances, SuperEnalotto surprisingly has both the highest and lowest odds. How can that be? It's because this Italian lottery is known for having one of the hardest to win jackpots in the entire world, with jackpot odds of 1 in over 622 million. On the other hand, its lowest division prize has odds of 1 in 22, making it one of the prizes with the highest winnings odds in Europe.

As far as jackpots with higher odds go, both EuroJackpot and EuroMillions have identical odds of 1 in almost 140 million. When you participate in EU Jackpot and Spain La PrimitivaLotto at theLotter Australia, these odds are matched. Consequentially, because both jackpots use the same amount of numbers and guess range, their odds are almost identical all the way down. Although, EuroMillions does have an extra prize tier providing some variety. EuroMillions also has the famous Superdraw, which you can read all about in our EuroMillions Superdraw guide.

Check out the latest EU Jackpot results now!

If you're interested in seeing which numbers came up for other top European lottos, take a look at the latest Spain LaPrimitivaLotto results or EuroLotto draw results.

What is the biggest lottery in Europe?

biggest lottery in europe

Europe's top lotteries all offer amazing jackpot prizes.

The largest national lottery in Europe is Italy's SuperEnalotto, which has no jackpot cap and an all time record of €371 million.

EuroJackpot is played across 18 countries and has a jackpot cap of €120 million, while EuroMillions is played in 9 countries with a jackpot cap significantly higher than EuroJackpot's, at €250 million. EuroMillions currently holds the European jackpot record for a single winner, with €240 million won by a single ticket on 8 December 2023. Check out Spain Eurolotto, a game whose entries mirror Spain EuroMillions tickets.

Can you play European lotteries online?

With theLotter Australia's lottery supply service, you can choose numbers for all the top European lotteries from Australia and third-party agents will purchase physical lottery tickets that correspond to your order. Why not get started with Super Lotto Italy, the game that matches the format of the Italy SuperEnalotto!

Like a European vacation from the comfort of home

Playing international lotteries is like taking a little trip to a far off location without ever having to leave the house. By ordering entries with theLotter Australia, Australians can have a taste of Europe whenever they want. You can get started today with any one of our top international lotteries, or if you're interested in something closer to home you can check out our New Zealand lotteries guide.

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