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Join the Spain EuroLotto Superdraw with EuroMillions Tickets

How do you plain Spain EuroLotto from Australia

How Do You Join the Spain EuroLotto Superdraw Online?

You can now join exciting EuroMillions Superdraws from Australia! Simply fill in your EuroLotto Superdraw entry with five main numbers (1-50) and two Lucky Stars (1-13). Use your own numbers or our Quick Pick feature for a set of random numbers. Once we receive confirmation of your order, our local agent in Spain will use the numbers on your entry and match them to an official EuroMillions Superdraw ticket.

The date of the next EuroMillions Superdraw is only known a few weeks in advance, so keep your eyes peeled and lucky numbers ready!

How to Win EuroLotto Prizes

How Do You Win the Next EuroMillions Superdraw with EuroLotto Superdraw?

The Spain EuroLotto Superdraw is conducted in the same manner as a normal EuroLotto draw, with the major exception of the boosted €130 million starting jackpot! If not matched, winnings will increase in value with each rollover until it reaches the €240 million jackpot cap. The prize can remain at this amount for four drawings, after which the prize money rolls down to be divided among the winners of the next highest prize tier. 

To win the EuroLotto Superdraw, you must match the five main numbers and two Lotto Stars. The winning numbers will mirror the results announced by EuroMillions. If you match a Superdraw prize, will award you with the equivalent to the prize amount offered in the official EuroMillions Superdraw.