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A Roundup of the Craziest Lottery Stories in the Known Universe

Can You Remain Anonymous After Winning the Lottery
June 2018

Can You Stay Anonymous After a Lottery Win?

After winning the lottery, can you stay anonymous in Australia or do you have to go public? Find out all about the anonymity option in Australia and overseas here!
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Australia’s most popular lotteries
June 2018

The Most Popular Australian Lotteries

There are some amazing Aussie lotteries out there, but which are the most popular ones? Come and see as we count down Australia’s finest games!
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Australian Lottery Draw Times
June 2018

Your Guide to Australian Lotto Draw Times

Australia’s lotto week is quite the thrill. Here is our guide to Aussie Lotto draw times to help you schedule your games! Plan ahead to be part of the excitement!
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 Australian Lotteries with the Biggest Jackpots
May 2018

The Australian Lotteries with the Biggest Jackpots Out There

So, which Australian lotteries have the biggest jackpots? Take a look at our list and aim for those big Aussie pots next time you play the lottery!
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Superdraws and Megadraws
April 2018

Saturday Lotto’s Superdraws and Megadraws

Find out all about Saturday Lotto’s Superdraws and Megadraws and the huge jackpots they bring, only on theLotter Australia!
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 Aussie lotteries with the best odds
March 2018

Which Australian Lotteries Have the Best Odds?

Find out which Australian lotteries offer the best chances of winning in our comprehensive guide. Aim for the most appealing games on the list!
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theLottery is safe
January 2018

theLotter is Safe – Here’s Why

There is a platform where you can play the world’s biggest lotteries in a secure environment – find out why theLotter is safe!
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EuroMillions SuperDraw
September 2017

Your Guide to EuroMillions Superdraws

EuroMillions SuperDraws are highly anticipated lottery events offering jackpots from €130 million! Learn all about them!
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US Powerball guide
July 2017

Your Guide to the US Powerball Lottery

The US Powerball is the world's leading lottery game. What makes it so special? Is it all about its huge jackpots?
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Store Your Lottery Tickets
May 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Your Daily Lotto Options

No day without the lottery! Take a look at our ultimate guide to your daily lottery game options and start planning your lotto week! Find out what the best picks are for each day and start planning!
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Best Lottery Movies
April 2017

The 5 Best Lottery Movies in Cinematic History

These five movies about the lottery have managed to capture the essence of the game and they have transcended the rush that comes with playing the lottery onto the big screen.
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Lottery Songs
March 2017

7 Best Songs about the Lottery Ever Made

The lottery may not seem like a popular music theme, there are quite a few good songs out there that will definitely surprise you. Check out our selection of the best 7 songs about the lottery.
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the biggest syndicate winners
January 2017

The Top Lottery Syndicate Winners of All Time

Playing the lottery as a part of a syndicate has worked out extremely well for these lucky players. Find out all about their amazing lottery journeys and their life-changing wins right here!
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December 2016

9 Infamous Lottery Myths Debunked

There are many urban myths about the lottery that have become well known among lottery players and we have decided to set the facts straight and debunk the biggest ones.
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Store Your Lottery Tickets
November 2016

The Weirdest Places To Store Lottery Tickets

If you were to win the lottery, where would you store that winning ticket to keep it safe? These people have had the craziest ideas for their safe spots. Take a look at the absolute weirdest places to store lottery tickets!
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