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theLotter is Safe – Putting an End to Lottery Scams For Good

If you are new to theLotter, then you may be wondering whether or not it is a scam. It all seems too easy, playing big world lotteries like the Mega Millions in only a few clicks. But making the lottery accessible online in a completely secure environment is precisely what we aim for. We make our priority that theLotter is safe for our players. If it all seems too good to be true, then we will take it as a compliment because it means we’ve managed to impress you. Our millions of loyal players are the best possible proof that theLotter is not a scam and that it is indeed the best platform for playing the lottery online.

Is theLotter Australia a Scam? Definitely not! Here’s why!

Not only is theLotter not a scam, but it is actually the safest platform to play the lottery online. This has been one of our central goals ever since the company was founded back in 2002. We are operated by The Lotter Enterprises Ltd., which is located in Belize City, on Barrack Road 35.

theLotter is Safe

Over the years, we have gathered over 20 local offices all over the world to bring you more and more lottery games on theLotter Australia. We have also had many winners since 2002, to whom we have paid more than $80 million in prizes. Explore our Winners Hall of Fame to find out more about our luckiest players and their experience on theLotter.

Is theLotter Secure? Is theLotter a Safe Platform?

Here at, we’ve worked hard to be able to tell you with great certainty that yes, our platform is secure. Our players’ personal and payment details are encrypted under Geotrust 128 SSL bit security. These are only accessible by use of unique usernames and passwords.

Moreover, all the traffic between your web browser and is completely secure so that you can be carefree when you make deposits or withdrawals on your account. And just as a reminder that you are protected, keep in mind that you can see the Secure Sockets Layer lock symbol in the address bar on top of your browser page.

Do theLotter Winners Pay Any Commissions? Definitely Not!

When you play on theLotter Australia, the payment you provide covers the full amount of our services. If you win, and hopefully you will, the entire prize is yours. We do not charge our players any commission of their winnings, so rest assured that your lottery dreams are safe with theLotter.

All of our winners can attest that they have received their prizes up to the last cent. So maybe their stories could make you see the full potential of theLotter Australia. The principle is simple, you log in, you play, and whatever you win is all yours. theLotter is not a scam, theLotter is legit and trustworthy. It is the best platform to play the lottery online.

Are There Any Big Winners on theLotter?

Over the years, we have had a multitude of lottery winners, but there are a few big ones that really stand out. The latest big winner on theLotter is Aura D., who won a fantastic $30 MILLION in the Florida Lotto in August 2017. Read Aura’s story to find out how good it can feel to get phone calls from us.

biggest theLotter winner

But Aura is not the only millionaire here at theLotter Australia, not by far. M.M. from Iraq won a staggering $6.4 MILLION in the Oregon Megabucks in 2015! In case you were wondering if he thinks that theLotter is safe, then let us tell you that he continues to play on our platform, even after his big win. "I'm going to continue to play every day!", he said.

M.M.’s win was big news back in 2015. From the New York Times and NBC News to the Daily Mail, M.M. made all the headlines. He played on theLotter and he won and now, he couldn’t be happier. This should tell you quite a bit about the quality of our services, and most importantly, that theLotter is safe.

 theLotter winner

While A.D. and M.M. are clearly our biggest winners, they are not the only ones who have won fortunes on theLotter Australia. Nataliia from Ukraine won $1 MILLION in the Mega Millions in 2015, G. from Australia won $1 MILLION in the US Powerball in 2016, P. from Quebec won $1 MILLION also in the US Powerball in 2016, H.V. from El Salvador won a $1 MILLION US Powerball prize in 2016, and B.U. won the $1 MILLION American Powerball prize back in 2012. There are many more winners here at, and if you decide to play, you could get your very own place in our Hall of Fame.

More About the Wonder from Down Under, Our Big Australian Winner

G. from Australia, whom we have dubbed “The Wonder from Down Under” won $1 MILLION in the US Powerball in October 2016. His win is actually the best proof that all good things eventually come to those who wait because this was far from beginner’s luck for G.

 Australian theLotter winner

He had been playing with us since 2003. His review of theLotter was that the platform is “convenient and easy to use”. This is exactly what kept him playing for so many years. And the Powerball win of 2016 was far from being his first. Along the years, G. has won 452 prizes on theLotter Australia. Among these were a AUD$325 prize in the Germany Lotto and a AUD$115 prize in the Swiss Lotto.

When asked to give advice to other lottery players out there, this is what G. said: “Just keep your faith. Never doubt yourself and keep your faith, that’s the only thing that you can do.’ There you have it, straight from the $1 million man himself!”

As you can see, theLotter Australia has quite a few people who are more than willing to back up that this is the safest platform to play the lottery online. We will continue to work hard so that you have a flawless experience every single time. So, come and explore the world of big lotteries with us and maybe you will be one of our biggest winners!

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