theLotter Australia is Safe and Licensed

If you are learning about theLotter Australia for the first time or are yet to make use of our online lottery supply service, you may have questions about us. You can rest assured that theLotter Australia is a respected and reputable company and that we are always ready to address questions such as is theLotter Australia safe? and is theLotter Australia licenced?

Is theLotter Australia safe? Yes!

We take your privacy and security very seriously, which is why all your personal and payment details are encrypted under Geotrust 128 SSL bit security and accessible with a username and password only. At any time, you can see the SSL lock icon in the upper left corner of your browser window to verify that all traffic between you and our site is secure.

Is theLotter Australia a scam? No, and here's why:

theLotter Australia is an online lottery service supplier with a stellar reputation and professional 24/7 customer service.

is theLotter Australia a scam

To earn your trust, we work hard to make everything about our service as transparent as possible. All elements of our services are explained on this site and everything we do is clearly displayed in your account, including transactions and scanned copies of the tickets corresponding to your orders.

theLotter Australia is licenced!

Any time you're spending money online it's important for you to know that everything is safe and above board. That's why we want to make sure you're aware that theLotter Australia is licenced and regulated by Australia's Northern Territory Government under the Gaming Control Act 1993 NT.

Is theLotter Australia legitimate?

Absolutely! It's important to us that all our customers feel confident in the ordering process. That's why once a third-party agent purchases an official lottery ticket that matches the entry your purchased on our site, that ticket is scanned with all the relevant information visible and uploaded to your account where you can see it whenever you want. For more details, you can read about exactly how our service works.

What if I have questions or problems?

We hope that all the above information is helpful to you. You can find many more answers and explanations in our comprehensive FAQ. Our Customer Support Team is also always happy to help you out with any other questions or inquiries you may have.

is theLotter Australia licensed

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theLotter Australia customers are not purchasing lottery tickets or participating in lotteries directly. theLotter Australia uses third-party agents to purchase lottery tickets; customers are purchasing for the opportunity to receive monies equivalent to prize winnings.