International Lottery Syndicate Wins the Oz Lotto on theLotter

On July31st, 2018, 22 theLotter users scooped a huge prize in one of Australia’s most popular lotteries, the Oz Lotto. How did they do it? They played syndicates on theLotter and it earned them a whopping AUD24,937.50. In this article, you can find out their amazing story and how they managed to boost their odds by playing lottery syndicates.

Oz Lotto Win by the Numbers

Lottery: Oz Lotto

Date: 31 July 2018

Draw #: 1276

Winning numbers: 1 7 10 13 25 26 40

Supplementary numbers: 31 38

No. of syndicate members: 22

No. of lines played: 60

The 4th line on the Oz Lotto syndicate’s ticket: 1 7 10 13 25 31 40

Prize won: AUD24,937.50

The Oz Lotto syndicate matched all the 6 main numbers and one of the supplementary numbers on one of their entries. This entitled them to the 2nd prize in the Oz Lotto and they were lucky enough to be the sole winners of that prize category.

oz lotto syndicate winning entry

The 22 Members of the Oz Lotto International Syndicate

Playing lottery syndicates on theLotter Australia is extremely easy. All you have to do is purchase your syndicate share and you are in the game. In just a few clicks, you can participate in an international group play and actively increase your chances of winning the lottery.

That is exactly what the 22 members in the Oz Lotto syndicate did. This is how 22 players from 19 different countries ended up being Oz Lotto syndicate winners. The lucky winners are from Russia (2), Ukraine (2), Canada (2), and one from Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France, Hungary, Germany, China, Indonesia, Finland, India, Thailand, Romania, Malta, Lithuania, Mauritius, and Malaysia.

This covers almost every continent on the globe, the only exceptions being Antarctica and South America. While some of the 22 syndicate members had been playing on theLotter for a few years now, others were new to the platform. This is the best proof that luck can work in very many ways!

But when it comes to syndicates, you can essentially make your own luck because you are actively boosting your odds of scooping a prize. By playing with several entries, you have much higher chances of matching the winning numbers. This is how the biggest syndicate winners won their fortunes. Another advantage is that syndicates give you the chance to try out this strategy at a very affordable price.

Overall, lottery syndicates are an exciting way of playing the lottery. On theLotter Australia, you can play with a group in just a few easy steps. So, try out syndicates for yourself and maybe you could be part of our next group of winners!

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