Play Oz Lotto Online

How Do You Play Oz Lotto Online?

How Do You Play Oz Lotto Online?

Play Oz Lotto online by selecting seven numbers from 1-47 and you could win one of seven generous prize divisions! The top Australian lottery draws three bonus balls, doubling your chances of winning the 6+1, 5+1 and 3+1 second, fourth and seventh prizes. Buy official lottery tickets online and see a graphic representation of your ticket before the draw with theLotter Australia’s See Your Ticket Service. Use automatic selection (quick pick), manual selection or your saved Lucky Numbers to pick your winners, and find out more about how it works on theLotter Australia.

Oz Lotto is drawn on Tuesdays at 7:30 pm AEST. Buy standard one-time entries or use a multi-line systematic form to increase your chances of taking a prize home in this exciting Australia lotto draw!

Australia Oz Lotto’s Two Bonus Numbers

What Are Oz Lotto’s Three Bonus Numbers?

Oz Lotto is one of a handful of lottery draws worldwide that select three bonus balls. Players can use any bonus ball to make the 6+1 second prize (worth tens of thousands of Aussie dollars), the 5+1 fourth prize (worth thousands of Aussie dollars) and the 3+1 seventh prize (3 main numbers alone would not win a prize).

How to Save on Australian Oz Lotto Tickets Online

How Can You Save When You Buy Australian Oz Lotto Tickets Online?

When you buy lottery tickets online with theLotter Australia, there are plenty of ways to save! You can save as much as 25% with a 5, 10, 25 or 52-draw Australia Oz Lotto multi-draw, get every 7th ticket free with a subscription or buy one of our Bundles with a built-in discount.

How to Win the Australian Oz Lotto Jackpot

How Do You Win the Oz Lotto Jackpot?

Match all 7 numbers on your ticket to those selected in the draw and you win the Australian Oz Lotto jackpot! The Aussie lottery starts at a guaranteed AU$3 million. As the lottery does not have a jackpot cap, the jackpot continues to grow until it is won. The lottery's jackpot record was set in November 2012 when an AU$111,972,151 top prize was split by four lucky winners, each of whom held tickets with all seven winning numbers. Are you up to the challenge of winning the Oz Lotto jackpot? Check if your numbers match and see the full Australia Oz Lotto results.

How to Claim Oz Lotto Prizes at theLotter Australia

How Do You Claim Oz Lotto Prizes at theLotter Australia?

Win in the Oz Lotto and you will receive win notifications via SMS and email, free of charge. Receive wins directly in your theLotter Australia account after the draw results are published and the prize has been received from the official lottery operator. Larger prizes may need to be collected in person in Australia. Remember that as an Australian lottery, Oz Lotto prizes are tax-FREE!

theLotter Australia’s Australia Oz Lotto Winners

theLotter Australia’s Australia Oz Lotto Winners

  • 1/6/2021 - D.Z. from United Arab Emirates won AU$2,236
  • 8/10/2019 - D.Z. from United Arab Emirates won AU$8,118
  • 31/7/2018 - A syndicate won AU$24,937.
Oz Lotto Record Winners

Oz Lotto Record Winners

In November 2012, a record AU$112 million prize was won by four tickets. One of these entries belonged to a syndicate of 80 players, with each receiving a cut of AU$349,913! Oz Lotto has beaten the AU$100 million mark on one other occasion, in June 2009, when two lucky entries split the prize, winning AU$53 million each.