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Top Lottery Syndicate Winners of All Time

You’ve heard it on the news, and seen it on TV: lottery syndicates winning stories are so rare nowadays. Why is that? Because many lottery fans have realized what great advantages this play format offers: entering the draw with a large number of tickets, hence benefiting from exponentially higher odds of winning, not to mention the joy of playing together with friends. In this article, we will tell you about the biggest lottery syndicate winners of all time, their interesting stories and awesome prizes.

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How Do Lottery Syndicates Work?

Playing the lottery as part of a syndicate, usually means buying a larger number of tickets together with a group of friends or co-workers. As you enter the draw with more lines, you have better odds of becoming a winner. There is also a saving money aspect to it. If it were to buy all those tickets on your own, it would cost you a fortune, but when you play syndicate, you share the costs. Of course, you also share the prizes! Every syndicate member is entitled to a part of the winning.

Top Syndicate Winner Stories

So, which are the top syndicates to hit the jackpot? What about the most interesting syndicate winner stories?

1. The Three Amigos

The Mega Millions lottery generated quite a lot of buzz back in 2012, when its jackpot kept rolling over again and again, until it reached the jaw-dropping amount of $656 million. And everybody was buying Mega Millions ticketshoping to be the lucky winner. The “Three Amigos” - a group of Maryland education system co-workers - decided to play together as a syndicate, participating with $20 each to purchase as many as 60 tickets.

Their minimal investment paid off as they shared a $218.6 million slice of the record Mega Millions jackpot. The three colleagues dubbed themselves the Three Amigos out of a wish to keep their identity a secret. However, given their amazing win, their story made the tour of the world.

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2. Ocean’s 16

The US Powerball draw on August 7th, 2013 turned three ticket owners into multi-millionaires.  If Paul White and Mario Scarnici were the sole owners of their winning tickets, the third one produced the second biggest syndicate win in the history of the lottery. The group of 16 friends came to the headquarters of the New Jersey Lottery to claim their share of the $448 million US Powerball jackpot in a bus. After all, they were all employees of the Department of Vehicle Services. Their boss, whose nickname was Daddy, accompanied them in this joyous moment, and had great things to say about his 16 luckiest employees: "I know that these folks are hard-working, reliable employees who have served the public well for many years."

But, the Ocean's 16 US Powerball syndicate winner story does not end here, and it is really one for the lottery movies. Six of the syndicate's members were victims of Superstorm Sandy that struck Ocean County just one year before they won the lottery. As the jackpot's cash value was of $258 million, their net share was worth $61,959,135, each of them taking home $3.87 million. A nice amount to spare them from financial worries for the rest of their lives!

3. The Tennessee Twenty

This US Powerball lottery syndicate winner story is of a more recent date. The Tennessee Twenty syndicate members were the owners of the sole winning ticket for the draw of November 29th, 2016, when the American lottery giant was displaying a jackpot of $420 million. The group included twenty co-workers from a metal manufacturing plant and they had been playing the lottery together for eight years, purchasing US Powerball tickets worth $120 every Wednesday and Saturday. They decided to take the money as a lump payment. This amounted to a net value of $254 million, bringing each of them $12.7 million before taxes.

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4. The Mysterious Irish Syndicate

The biggest lottery syndicate winners in the EuroMillions lottery were from Dublin, Ireland. They won a staggering €86.7 million in September 2014 and they split their winnings amongst them. Luckily for them, they were the only winners of the draw, which entitled them to the full amount of the jackpot. They became known as the “Mysterious Irish Syndicate” because they wished to remain entirely anonymous.

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5. The Dublin EuroMillions Bus Drivers

Moving from the US to Europe, we have a EuroMillions syndicate winners story dating from the beginning of July 2016, when the the EuroMillion jackpot of €23.8 million was shared by 22 bus drivers from Dublin. Excited about their win, none of them went to work the following day, but their employer did not have any issue with that: “I certainly wouldn’t be here if I’d won a million quid”, said the company’s area manager.

The company actually offered them with an extra day off to celebrate their win, but five of the lucky winners decided to go back to work. A Dublin Bus representative explained the winners' decision to the press, saying that they have a longstanding experience of up to 40 years with the company and that they would not have gotten so far “if they weren’t decent blokes”.

Can I Play Lotto Syndicate Online?

The major advantage boasted by lottery syndicates is that they offer players the possibility of buying a large amount of tickets as a group. As such, each member of the syndicate holds a share of the winnings that the ticketse may generate. This has proven to be the key to success for quite a few players along the years and their stories can show you the power of lottery syndicates.

What are the different types of syndicates available online?

Syndicates Ballons

Each syndicate will have a fixed number of lines, and for each of the lines the numbers will be Quick-Picked.


This works in a similar way to systematic forms, covering all possible unique combinations that can be made out of a set of 7-14 numbers, which are picked using the Quick Pick method.

Additional Numbers Match Guaranteed

This type of syndicate aims at covering all possible combinations of the lottery’s additional number(s), guaranteeing that the additional number(s) with be matched at least once. All other numbers are selected randomly.

Guaranteed Number Match

All numbers stay the same, except one. This way, all lines are different from each other by one number, covering all possible combinations within the numbers range of the respective lottery. This guarantees that the syndicate will have at least one number correct once.

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