Top Lotto Syndicate Winners of All Time

You’ve heard it on the news, and seen it on TV: lotto syndicates scooping huge lottery jackpots! It’s certainly not an isolated event because people have been playing the lottery together for many years now. In this page, we are going to tell you the amazing stories of the biggest lotto syndicate winners of all time.

Some of them have won the US Powerball, others the Mega Millions or other big games, but what brought all of them together was their passion for the lottery. Take a look!

Syndicate Jackpot Lottery

1. California Office Pool


Mega Millions 

2. New Life Syndicate


Mega Millions 

3. Tennessee 20


US Powerball 

4. The Albany Seven


Mega Millions 

5. Shipping 20


US Powerball 

6. The Three Amigos


Mega Millions 

7. Dublin Family Syndicate



8. Ocean’s 16


US Powerball 

9. Manilva Syndicate



How Do Lottery Syndicates Work?

Playing lottery syndicates means playing the lottery with a group. The main advantage is the fact that you can increase your chances of winning a prize. How does that happen? Instead of buying one lottery ticket on your own, you can buy a whole lot of tickets together with a syndicate.

The more tickets you have in the game, the more chances you have at scooping a prize. There’s even a financial advantage to this play option! The cost of the tickets is supported by all the members, which means that you will only have to pay for your share.

The lottery tickets belong to all the members of the syndicate, which means that so do any prizes these may qualify for. Each member will receive his rightful part of the winnings according to this share. If you want to find out more about how lottery syndicates work, you can read our guide here.

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Top 9 Syndicate Winners

Many people have won the lottery by playing as a group, but only some syndicate stories have made international headlines. Here are the impressive stories of the top five biggest syndicate winners of all time:

1. California Office Pool – $543M – Mega Millions

The biggest lottery syndicate winners of all time are 11 co-workers from Santa Clara, California who decided to enter the Mega Millions together. Their decision to play came on a whim and it brought them a whopping $543 million on July 24th, 2018.

“It was spur of the moment,” said Roland Reyes, who claimed the prize on behalf of the office syndicate.

“Hey, did you hear about the jackpot? We should play.” That’s all it took to win the $543 million jackpot. The 11 syndicate members are aged 21 to 61 and they work together at a finance company. “If I could win, anybody could win. We’re just normal people!” In fact, the 11 millionaires plan to keep their jobs even after their windfall. Time will tell how much they will shift towards the lottery life.

2. The New Life Syndicate – $437M – Mega Millions

The Mega Millions started 2019 with a big bang. On the very first draw of the year, on January 1st, a huge jackpot worth $437 million was won. Almost two months later, the winners came forward to collect this amazing prize. The New Life syndicate from Nassau County, Long Island are a group of 23 co-workers who play the lottery together week after week.

They said that they would put in 1 dollar each in an envelope and then one of them would buy lottery tickets for the biggest games – Mega Millions, US Powerball, and New York Lotto. This fun habit they had eventually turned them into millionaires.

The New Life syndicate decided to remain anonymous and they chose the lump sum payout for their prize totaling $262.2 million. After they paid their taxes, they were left with $176.1 million, which is still an enormous fortune.

The syndicate members said that will continue to come in to work because they are a family, not just co-workers. They said that they plan to buy new houses, set up college funds for their children, and go travelling to the placed they always wanted to see.

3. The Tennessee Twenty – $420.9M – US Powerball

The biggest US Powerball syndicate win is that of the Tennessee Twenty. A group of 20 co-workers from a metal manufacturing plant played the lottery together every single week for eight years. On November 29th, 2016, their big lotto win finally came and it was one for the books. One of the group’s tickets had the winning numbers for an enormous US Powerball jackpot worth $420.9 million.

Tennessee Twenty Powerball syndicate winners

"You never think you're going to win this lottery, but you do it for fun," said Amy O’Neal, one of Tennessee Twenty. She was the one who found out about their win. "I had to look again, I thought I was in a dream." When she told the rest of the members, they were in sheer disbelief.

”Everybody was just screaming. Just the joy.”

The twenty co-workers decided to take the lump cash payment for their jackpot, which was of $254 million. This left each of them with a $12.7 million share (before taxes) of the prize, which is an enormous fortune.

However, in spite of their sudden wealth, quite a few of the metal plant workers said that they intent to keep working even after winning the US Powerball.

4. The Albany Seven – $319M – Mega Millions

Seven government workers from Albany struck big in the Mega Millions lottery after playing together. Their syndicate, the Albany Seven, scooped a huge $319 million in March 2011. The seven IT specialists worked together at New York’s state Division of Housing and Community Renewal.

Their office pool was a longstanding tradition. For years, they had been purchasing Quick Pick lottery tickets from Coulson’s News store in Albany, and this time, it really paid off. Mike Barth, one of the syndicate members, said that when he went in for the tickets, another customer in the store cut in front of him as he reaching for a candy bar.

That customer also bought a ticket for the Mega Millions. "I thought about saying something, but let it slide," said Mike. "I behaved myself." This turned out to be a very good decision because that’s how Mike ended up buying the winning ticket.

The Albany Seven chose the lump sum payout for their Mega Millions jackpot, which was worth $202 million. After they paid their taxes, each member was left with a share of $19.1 million.

5. The Shipping Twenty – $241M – US Powerball

Back in 2012, 20 co-workers from a cereal plant’s shipping department became Powerball millionaires. After a few years of playing the lottery together, they struck big and won a huge Powerball jackpot worth $241 million.

Shipping Twenty Powerball syndicate winners

This was actually the largest lotto win Iowa had ever seen, and it went to The Shipping 20 syndicate from Cedar Rapids. They celebrated with confetti and champagne when they went to pick up their Powerball jackpot. 

They finally opted for the cash value of their prize, which was $160.3 million, which left each of them with a share of $5.6 million before taxes. You can read our guide to lottery taxes to find out more about what you have to pay after winning. 

6. The Three Amigos – $218M – Mega Millions

Back in March 2012, everybody was raving about the Mega Millions lottery. With a jaw-dropping $656 million jackpot up for grabs, everybody wanted to have a ticket in the game. So did three co-workers from Maryland, who decided to play the lottery together. They each put in $20 and together they purchased 60 tickets for the big draw.

The Three Amigos Mega Millions syndicate winners

The jackpot was won that night and it was the largest lottery prize in history (currently, the fifth largest). When the results came in, there were three winning tickets for the $656 million jackpot and one of them belonged to the Maryland syndicate.

The three co-workers decided to stay anonymous, so they dubbed themselves The Three Amigos. One of the 60 tickets they bought together brought them a third of the jackpot, which means $218 million (before taxes). By investing $20 each, they became multi-millionaires!

7. The Dublin Family Syndicate – $175M – EuroMillions

On February 19th, 2019, a family from Naul, Dublin made the largest syndicate win the entire history of the EuroMillions. They scooped a whopping €175 million after playing the lottery together. That evening, one of the members of the syndicate said she heard on the news that the jackpot had been won in Ireland and it got her attention.

She only heard three of the winning numbers and then she checked the numbers online. Much to her surprise, all of the five main numbers and both the Lucky Stars were on her ticket, which meant that they were the big winners they were talking about on television.

She quickly put the EuroMillions ticket worth €175 million in an Argos catalog, which she then placed under a mattress for safekeeping. On the very next morning, they contacted the lottery officials and handed in their ticket to them.

They ultimately decided to stay anonymous because they want to carry on their lives as regular people, rather than lottery icons. They also said that they intend to share the winnings with the entire family and give everybody the chance to start fresh.

8. Ocean’s 16 – $149,3M – US Powerball

On August 7th, 2013, there were three winning tickets for a huge US Powerball jackpot worth $448 million. One of these belonged to a lottery syndicate, which later became known as Ocean’s 16.

Oceans 16 Powerball syndicate winners

The 16 members of the syndicate worked together at the Department of Vehicle Services and it was their tradition to play the lottery together. As you can see, this really paid out for them. Their share of the prize was $149,3 million (before taxes).

The 16 winners went out together to the New Jersey Lottery headquarters to collect their fabulous prize. They were accompanied by their boss, whom they all called Daddy. He was absolutely thrilled about their fantastic win. "I know that these folks are hard-working, reliable employees who have served the public well for many years.", he said about them.

While the Ocean’s 16 syndicate ended up riding together into the sunset, their story is truly for the lottery movies. Six of the syndicate's members were victims of Superstorm Sandy that struck Ocean County just one year before their lottery win in 2013. With the money they won together, they were able to rebuild their lives and that of their local community.

9. The Manilva Syndicate – €88M – Spain EuroMillions

Playing the lottery in a group is a longstanding tradition in Spain. Every year around Christmas, people chip in to buy Loteria de Navidad tickets with their colleagues, friends, and family.

Manilva syndicate EuroMillions syndicate winners

But their interest in lottery syndicates expands far beyond the Spanish Christmas Lottery. In February 2018, a syndicate from Manilva made one of Spain’s biggest lottery wins in the EuroMillions.

The jackpot was worth €174 million on February 23rd, 2018 and there were two winning tickets that evening. One of them belonged to the members of the Manilva syndicate and it brought them a whopping €88 million.

According to the town hall representative in Manilva, the EuroMillions fortune was shared by as many as 140 people. They were all part of a club and they played the EuroMillions together. As you can see, it really paid off big for them!

What are the Different Types of Syndicates Available Online?

Syndicates Ballons

Each syndicate will have a fixed number of lines, and for each of the lines the numbers will be Quick-Picked.


This works in a similar way to systematic forms, covering all possible unique combinations that can be made out of a set of 7-14 numbers, which are picked using the Quick Pick method.

Additional Numbers Match Guaranteed

This type of syndicate aims at covering all possible combinations of the lottery’s additional number(s), guaranteeing that the additional number(s) with be matched at least once. All other numbers are selected randomly.

Guaranteed Number Match

All numbers stay the same, except one. This way, all lines are different from each other by one number, covering all possible combinations within the numbers range of the respective lottery. This guarantees that the syndicate will have at least one number correct once.