Discover Your Lottery Fortune with Horoscopes!

Are you still deciding which lottery to play next or what numbers you should use? Why not try looking to the stars for some inspiration? Your horoscope will not only tell you about yourself and those around you but also advise you on which numbers may be favourable for your sign to use in situations such as setting important dates or choosing your lucky lottery numbers! Your lottery horoscope can also guide you in deciding which lottery would best suit your preferences and personality and lifestyle.


Though advice and predictions based on your lottery horoscope should be taken with a grain of salt, astrology has been used for thousands of years to determine major decisions in politics, agriculture, religion, culture, and more. While many may not believe in the age-old tradition of reading the stars to find their fortune, it couldn’t hurt to keep some of the advice in mind!

Aries lottery horoscope

Aries: The Ram

March 21-April 20

What are Aries Lucky Numbers?
 6  18  41  77  83

The first sign of the zodiac is the fiery and ever-ambitious Aries! Represented by the ram, this sign will charge headfirst into big projects, adventures, relationships; You name it, they’re doing it with all the confidence in the world. Those born under Aries are always up for a challenge and can become very impulsive and even aggressive when they see something they want. With Mars, the god of war, as their ruling planet, the Aries individual will have a fighting spirit and even revel in competing with others. US Powerball would be a lottery they would enjoy playing. With their positive can-do attitude, high competition and low odds won’t daunt the courageous ram who has their eyes on the prize. The fact that it’s the most popular lottery in the world will make it even more appealing to the ambitious Aries!

Taurus lottery horoscope

Taurus: The Bull

April 20- May 20

What are Taurus Lucky Numbers?
5  35  50  57  82

Like an ox, a Taurus individual is the most hardworking, and of course, stubborn sign of the zodiac. While having earth as their element makes them extremely grounded and practical, earth also represents material possessions; which you can be sure they’ll have a lot of! Their ruling planet Venus doesn’t help their overindulgent tendencies either, giving this sign a profound love affair for the finer things in life such as art, gourmet food, extravagant designs and luxurious vacations. If they don’t have a high paying job, their expensive habits can clash with Taurus’s desire for financial stability and security, leading them to make sure that anything they’re investing in is worth their time, energy and most of all, resources. A Taurus should go for a lottery rewarding top prizes and reasonably priced tickets. Start by learning how to play Saturday lotto online and Austria Lotto, as these lotteries meet this criteria. Low risk and big payouts are the way a Taurus rolls.

Gemini lottery horoscope

Gemini: The Twins

May 21- June 20

What are Gemini Lucky Numbers?
1  10  18  35  86

When describing Gemini, the sign of communication and duality, the first thing that comes to mind is charismatic, intellectual, and impulsive! The dual nature of a Gemini means that you’ll never know what you’ll get when you interact with them. They can be open minded and sociable one day, and judgmental and cynical the next. They prefer to go with the flow and it makes for a life filled with incredible highs and lows. As the adventurous Gemini enjoys spontaneity, they’ll never back down from a challenge, including a lottery draw. The impatient air sign should play a daily lottery such as Italy MillionDAY for great prizes and high enough odds to keep them on their toes. Another lottery that could play into the sign’s dual nature is Mexico's Chispazo which has two daily draws! Although Gemini aren’t especially materialistic or heavy spenders, they can get a bit careless when it comes to keeping track of their money. Daily lotteries would be the perfect solution as the inexpensive ticket prices will keep the air sign financially grounded.

Cancer lottery horoscope

Cancer: The Crab

June 21 - July 22

What are Cancer Lucky Numbers?
1  21  24  58  66

Cancer, represented by the crab which has a hard outer shell and soft underside, is the most vulnerable and sensitive sign of the zodiac. The cautious crab craves nothing more than comfort and security; whether it be emotional, physical or financial. Like a crab, people born under this sign prefer to be in the safety of their home and prefer to plant deep roots. You’ll rarely find them making any major changes in their life or standard of living. As such, financial stability is extremely important to them, making it pretty unlikely that they’ll appreciate sacrificing their resources for something as unpredictable as a lottery draw with low chances of winning a prize. Therefore, we suggest they play a daily lottery such as Polish Mini Lotto. This extremely cost-efficient lotteries have excellent odds of winning, great prizes, and tickets that won’t break the bank!

LEO lottery horoscope

Leo: The Lion

July 23 - August 22

What are Leo Lucky Numbers?
6  24  39  59  83

Ever passionate and courageous, the proud lion wears their heart on their sleeve and never shy away from expressing their opinions. On a good day, you can find the fire sign to be generous, extremely loyal, funny and brutally honest. On a bad day, Leo’s can easily become arrogant, materialistic, jealous, and even aggressive when they don’t get their way. With their go big or go home philosophy, they tend to want the biggest and the best of everything that life has to offer. So when it comes to playing lotteries, you can be sure they won’t skim on tickets. Their ego and vanity will make them prefer only the most popular lotteries with the biggest jackpots. We would suggest they play US favourite Mega Millions and the impressive pan-European EuroMillions. Both of these leading lotteries have prizes big enough to impress a Leo’s even bigger ego.

Virgo lottery horoscope

Virgo: The Virgin

August 23 - September 22

What are Virgo Lucky Numbers?
16  29  79  80  90

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, the Virgo individual is able to multitask like a pro, extremely efficient, and a bit of a perfectionist. With their detail-oriented minds and great listening skills, a Virgo will tend to spot and point out flaws that others may not notice. This habit of pointing out others' mistakes may cause friction with those around them; Though this doesn’t mean they won’t lend a hand to fix them! Virgos are a hardworking bunch who love to find solutions and help others. As most are busy micro-managing their lives and the lives of those around them when they can get away with it, most Virgo’s would probably prefer not to take time out of their schedule, or even remember to play their favourite lottery. This is why purchasing a subscription or multi-draw package would work out very well, as their hectic schedule can go according to plan while the winnings come to them!

Libra lottery horoscope

Libra: The Scales

September 23 - October 22

What are Libra Lucky Numbers?
7  20  55  77  86

Symbolized by the scales of justice, the Libra need constant inner and outer harmony and will always seek compromise and avoid conflict whenever possible. These conflicts can be inner, interpersonal, or even work-related. As natural-born diplomats, you can be sure that it’s a Libra who will be meditating any conflict that arises in their presence. The level-headed air signs can be extremely objective and will always see both sides of the given situation. This can be a blessing and a curse, as it will give them insight, yet it can make them extremely indecisive as they try to please all sides. When it comes to playing the lottery, choosing a one can be very burdensome for the Libra who may be conflicted on which one to pick. The EuroDreams lottery is ideal for a Libra, as the rewards are still high at €7.2 million, but seeing as how prizes are given out monthly over a thirty-year period, the prize structure is much more sensible for the conservative lottery player. See the latest EuroDreams numbers to see if they match your sign-suggestions. We also suggest reading up on your chances of winning the lottery to make the most informed and regret-proof decision possible.

Scorpio lottery horoscope

Scorpio: The Scorpion

October 23 - November 21

What are Scorpio Lucky Numbers?
27  29  45  53  89

The mysterious and misunderstood Scorpio is by nature, a creature of extremes. Their moods are often ecstatic, depressed, or filled with rage and rarely anything in between. They are incredibly intense, passionate, and charismatic individuals; though few people will ever see this, as their suspicious nature and general mistrust will lead a Scorpio to allow only a few carefully selected individuals who’ve passed their numerous trust-tests see their true selves. One thing all Scorpios hold near and dear is physical and mental control over themselves and their environment. This may lead many Scorpios to resent the idea of a lottery, where they have no control over the outcome and strategies are limited. A game that may change their minds would be a Superdraw or lottery raffle. Scorpios adore unique and specialty items. If it’s limited edition, they’ll want it and go to great length to get it. While a regular lottery may irk their desire for control, the allure of holiday raffles like Spain's famous Christmas raffle, or a Superdraw for a coveted jackpot, such as participating in the next EuroMillions Superdraw, may be just the ticket.

sagittarius  lottery horoscope

Sagittarius: The Archer

November 22 - December 21

What are Sagittarius Lucky Numbers?
6  16  23  60  81

Ruled by the mythical half man half horse centaur, the Sagittarius individual embodies both knowledge-seeking, travel and enlightenment. They love discovering and exploring new ideas and places and will literally go across the globe to do it! One negative aspect to the Sagittarius’s passion for adventure is they develop a fear of missing out, making it hard for them to commit, whether it be a relationship, job or project. As they probably won’t like sticking it out with just one lottery, we suggest they go to theLotter Australia’s Lottery List page where they can buy lottery tickets for over 50 international draws. Interestingly enough, the Sagittarius is also the sign of the gambler. They love a challenge and are pretty lucky individuals to boot. A lottery with big payouts, such as EuroJackpot, that will fund their wanderlust and various interests will work out well for them. This exciting pan-European option hands out huge multi-million jackpots and great prize-winning odds, which are essential for the impatient Sag who will likely quit if they don’t see fast results.

Capricorn lottery horoscope

Capricorn: The Goat

December 22 - January 19

What are Capricorn Lucky Numbers?
3  21  66  83  84

The ambitious, determined and dedicated is the best way to describe a Capricorn. They’re one of the most industrious of the signs, not because of their morals like the Taurus, but as a means to reach their lofty and seemingly impossible goals. Whether it be at work, a project or a rare artefact they’re after, once they’ve set their mind on it, they’ll push and shove their way ahead until they reach it no matter how uphill the journey. When it comes to their preferences, Capricorns tend to like things that have a well-established reputation and stand the test of time. A lottery like the Spanish La Primitiva, which has been around since the 18th century, could appeal to the stable Capricorn who will appreciate the lottery’s history and of course, rewarding prizes! They would also benefit from playing with a subscription, as Capricorns are in it for the long haul once they find a lottery they like.

Aquarius ricorn lottery horoscope

Aquarius: The Water-Bearer

January 20 - February 18

What are Aquarius Lucky Numbers?
17  40  46  61  76

The Aquarian is the sign of new ideas, teamwork and philanthropy. Rather than the individual, people under this sign see the group. Their strength is their incredible ability to connect and bring people together around social causes or futuristic innovations. With air as their element and Uranus as their planet, the Aquarian will be bursting with unpredictable and progressive ideas that may challenge the status quo. You’ll find many people born under this sign to be writers, scientists, inventors, artists, and political/social activists. To help fund one of their many projects, whether it be a humanitarian relief effort across the globe or a new app, the Aquarian lottery player could join a lottery syndicate. The communal feel of a syndicate could appeal to the sociable air sign who shines best when they’re with others!

Pisces lottery horoscope

Pisces: The Fish

February 19 - March 20

What are Pisces Lucky Numbers?
8  10  27  56  69

The essence of Pisces is sensitive, perceptive, and compassionate. Pisces are the people you go to for advice, as their healing and intuitive nature will allow them to understand and offer excellent advice. One of the sign’s major weaknesses is that they tend to absorb and project all of the negative emotions and vibes around them, leaving them feeling emotionally drained and depressed. An important thing they need to realize that they don’t need to constantly carry the world’s woes on their shoulders! As they love nothing more than helping those in need, we suggest they play a lottery that contributes a large amount of its revenue to charity. In 2018 alone, the Australian National Lottery contributed AU$1.4 billion to various good causes such as hospitals and children's health. When you play Australian Powerball for example, you know your money is going to good causes, and you can win incredible prizes while you’re doing it!

Are Lottery Horoscopes Legit?

 lottery horoscope

Although some people firmly believe that astrology can be used to predict the future, we’re not 100% convinced you’ll find next week’s winning numbers in the stars. What we do know is that reading up on your horoscope can be a great way to get insight about yourself, and possibly help you come to decisions you may not have considered, such as lottery numbers and which lottery you'll play next. While you definitely don’t have to go with our lottery and lucky number suggestions, who knows? They may just lead you to your next big break!  
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