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Lotteries with Raffles – Double the Fun, Double the Win

Playing lotteries or raffles is extremely exciting but imagine the thrill of playing lotteries and raffles together! There are some lotteries out there like the EuroMillions that also offer raffles in the game, which takes the experience to an entirely new level. Aside from the lottery prize divisions, you stand to win yet another prize on the same entry without actually having to guess any of the lottery numbers! Let us tell you all about lottery raffles, the benefits they offer, and the games that offer them.

Lotteries vs. Raffles

Both lotteries and raffles offer amazing prizes that you can win with a stroke of luck but there are some major differences between them. Here are the main ones:

Lotteries Raffles

Play Format

Players choose lottery numbers

Players are assigned a raffle code/ number

Winning Requirements

Players must guess the drawn numbers

Players must have the drawn raffle code


Usually have several prize categories

Usually have a single prize category

Lotteries with Raffles

Some of the lotteries we offer on theLotter Australia also feature raffles in their game format. This means that each entry gives you a chance to win one of the lottery prizes but a prize in the raffle as well.

lotteries with raffles

Moreover, to win the prize in the raffle, you do not need to match any winning combination of lottery numbers. This is an amazing opportunity because it is an extra prize altogether. If you want to play lotteries that also offer raffles, here are the games you have to try out:


The EuroMillions is a pan-European game with nine participating countries. It features a general lottery game with 13 prize categories but some of the participating countries also offer raffles. Here are the EuroMillions games featuring raffles you can play on

Austria EuroMillions

The Austria EuroMillions offers the Österreich Bonus raffle, which gives players the chance to win a €100,000 prize each draw. To participate in the raffle, players need an official lottery entry, but not a winning combination of numbers. Each entry features an Österreich Bonus raffle code, which does not come at an additional cost.

France EuroMillions

The French version of the EuroMillions lottery organizes the My Million raffle, which offers players a €1 million prize every Tuesday and Friday. To win the My Million raffle, players must have the winning alphanumeric code on their France EuroMillions entries.

Spain EuroMillions

In Spain, the EuroMillions lottery is accompanied by the El Millon raffle. This offers a weekly prize of €1 million. The raffle codes from tickets for the Tuesday and Friday draws are entered in the El Millon raffle on Fridays to determine the big winner.

The European Millionaire Maker Raffle

Aside from the national raffles hosted in EuroMillions countries, the EuroMillions also has the European Millionaire Maker, which is held in all nine of the participating countries. Like the Superdraw, this raffle is held on special occasions and it comes with 25 prizes of €1 million.

Canada Lotto 649

Canada’s biggest lottery, the Lotto 649 offers a CAD1 million prize in the Guaranteed Prize Draw. Similar to the EuroMillions format, the Canadian lottery prints an 8-digit code on each 649 ticket, which constitutes the raffle entry.

France Lotto

The France EuroMillions is not the only French lottery to host a raffle. The France Lotto also has a very exciting raffle, which offers 10 prizes per draw, each worth €20,000. The entry is the 9-character LOTO® code printed on the Loto tickets.

theLotter’s Biggest Raffle Winners

The biggest raffle winners on theLotter are from Austria and Nigeria. Both of them won the raffle in the UK Lotto, which made each of them £20,000 richer. Neither Jan from Austria nor our Nigerian raffle winner matched any Lotto-winning numbers, but they had the lucky raffle codes, which earned them a fortune.

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