Multi-Draw Packages - Play More, Save More

Multi-Draw packages save you money, time, and hassle when you participate in the world's biggest draws, such as US Powerball! Learn all about multi-draw lottery tickets in this comprehensive guide on multidraws.

Multi-Draw Packages Rock! Here's Why

Do you love playing lotteries online? Great! If there is a particular lottery you would like to play a few draws in a row, then multi-draw packages are your best choice!

What does multi draw mean? It simply means buying a lottery ticket that will be good for a number of draws! 

If you wonder what are the benefits of a multi draw lottery ticket, look no further. Multidraw tickets save you loads of time and hassle as you no longer need to purchase a ticket for each draw. You will never miss a draw of your favourite lottery!

With Multi-Draw packs, you save up to 25% compared to regular ticket purchases!

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How to Pre-Order Lottery Tickets Online with Multi-Draw Packages

When you play lotteries online at theLotter Australia with a Multi-Draw package, you pre-order lotto tickets for your favourite game. You select how many draws you wish to participate in; there are Multi-Draw Packages for 5, 10, 25 or 52 draws. The numbers on your tickets will be the same each draw and you can either pick your own lucky numbers or opt for a randomly selected lot.

With Multi-Draw packages you only need to place an order once – theLotter Australia takes care of your entries for subsequent draws according to the criteria you set. There's no need for you to confirm your tickets before each draw and therefore there is no risk of you missing a deadline or forgetting to buy your ticket altogether.

For added comfort, theLotter Australia offers you a choice between manual and automatic renewal of your Multi-Draw package. Whichever option you choose, you will receive an email from us when your package is about to expire. If you opt for auto-renew, the email will tell you that the package has been renewed automatically.

Make More Savings with Multi-Draw Packages for Online Lotteries

You play the lottery because it's fun and entertaining, but surely your desire to land a big jackpot prize is also part of the equation. theLotter Australia appreciates it when players are faithful to a certain lottery. That's why we offer a discount when you get a Multi-Draw Package. With Multi-Draw Packages you receive a discount up to 25% compared to the regular price of entries!

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How to Play with a Multi-Draw Package for Lottery Syndicates

theLotter Australia offers you the ability to play lotteries together with other online lottery players in a lottery syndicate.

Multi-Draw Packages also are available for lottery syndicates. Lottery group play is undoubtedly the best way for minimising the cost of participation. As if that weren't enough, theLotter Australia gives an additional discount to lottery syndicate players when they purchase a Multi-Draw package!

When buying a Multi-Draw Pack for a syndicate you will need to decide how many shares you want to buy, because when you play in a group, you will not be the owner of the entire ticket, but rather a shareholder in a group which collectively owns many tickets.

Types of Lottery Syndicates for Multi-Draw Packages

Unlike Multi-Draw packages for individual play, Multi-Draw Packages for lottery syndicates allow you to register for different syndicates, provided they're for the same lottery. There are various lottery syndicates available to you:

Random Selection: Numbers randomly chosen for a set number of lines.

Systematic Form: Covers all unique combinations possible of between 7 to 14 randomly chosen numbers.

Additional Numbers Match Guaranteed: All regular drawn numbers are randomly selected. In addition, the group gets lines with every possible combination of the lottery's additionally drawn numbers (or number), guaranteeing that the syndicate will match these at least once.

Guaranteed Number Match: All regular drawn numbers are randomly selected. Each syndicate line has one variable number, spanning the entire guess range of the lottery. As a result, the syndicate is guaranteed to match at least one of the drawn numbers!

With Multi-Draw packages you can join several different groups and adopt your strategy of choice. You can play it safe by opting for syndicates offering a Guaranteed Number Match, go for those syndicates with the maximum number of winning combinations, or choose a combination of the two!

How Do Multi-Draw Packages for Syndicates Work?

The principle of a Multi-Draw package remains the same regardless of whether you play with a group or alone. If, however, you choose to join a lottery syndicate which is opened specifically for an exceptionally large jackpot, it can happen that, for subsequent draws, theLotter Australia will allocate you to a slightly different syndicate, which most closely matches the characteristics of your original choice.

Multi-Draw Packages vs Subscriptions

Multi-Draw Packages and Subscriptions have one important thing in common: they both allow lotto lovers to participate in all the draws of their favourite lottery without missing a single one. Yet, both Multi-Draw Packages as well as Subscriptions have unique advantages distinguishing them from each other. The table below summarises the main characteristics of each service, giving you the opportunity to make up your own mind and choose which option suits you best.

Comparison Multi-draw Subscription

# Pre-ordered tickets

5, 10, 25 or 52



Up to 25%


Free ticket


Every 7th ticket free

Manual number selection

Yes (individual play), no (for syndicate play)


Quick Pick



Can you change numbers?




In advance

Per draw

Order cancellation



Syndicate Play



What it boils down to is this…

Now you've read this article, you should have a good understanding of all things related to Multi-Draw Packages. You can choose to purchase a multi-draw package when you play EuroMillions, or when you purchase Mega Millions tickets online. The three main advantages of playing lotteries with Multi-Draw packs are still the most important!

With Multi-Draw Packages:

** You save money

** You never miss a draw

** You maximise your chances of winning