Play to Match Official Lotto Tickets from Australia

Fill out entry forms online for your chance to match huge lotteries and win the biggest jackpots in the biggest draws, courtesy of theLotter Australia!

How Do You Match Lotto Tickets?

Simply fill out an entry form for your chosen lottery, and we will take these numbers and purchase a corresponding ticket in the official draw.

Can You Buy Lottery Tickets Online?

Yes! Select the lottery you wish to play and purchase your entries through our website. Once your order is received, you will receive a confirmation email. All entries are subsequently matched to an official lottery ticket.

When you win a prize playing at theLotter Australia, we will immediately notify you and your winnings will swiftly be transferred into your account.

How Do You Fill In Your Lotto Entries?

Playing online is just like at a retailer. Choose your numbers manually or use the Auto-pick option for a set of randomly generated numbers. Make sure to confirm your order and you're in the draw!

Which Lotteries Can I Match?

You can match top lotteries from all over the globe. Match New Zealand Powerball tickets by playing New Zealand PowerLuck, to be in with a chance to win a minimum of NZ$4 million, with a jackpot cap of NZ$50 million! You can also play to match official Eurojackpot tickets, official Mega Millions tickets or even Spain La Primitiva tickets! Scroll up to the top of this page to see the full list of lotteries.

theLotter Australia customers are not purchasing tickets, or participating in nominated foreign lotteries. Our Lottery Supplier Service provides our customers with the opportunity to receive monies equivalent to official prize winnings in those lotteries, less any applicable taxes.