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Spain - EuroMillions Winning Numbers

  • 1013273637210

Spain - EuroMillions Prize Breakdown

Spain - EuroMillions Lottery Information

Guess Range 5/50 + Lucky Star 2/12
Offered In Spain
(Local draw time)
Jackpot Type CASH
Tax Requirement Tickets for this lottery are purchased in Spain. Lottery prizes are subject to taxation at source. There are two tax bands. Tax Band 1: Tax-free up to €40,000. Tax Band 2: Any portion of the prize exceeding €40,000 is subject to a tax rate of 20%. Citizens of other countries are entitled to claim full tax refunds – read our detailed lottery taxes information. Check the tax laws in your country of residence for any further local taxation you may be subject to.

Chances to win Spain - EuroMillions

Divisions Match Winning Odds
1 Prize 5+2Lucky Stars 1:139,838,160
2 Prize 5+1Lucky Star 1:6,991,908
3 Prize 5 1:3,107,514
4 Prize 4+2Lucky Stars 1:621,502
5 Prize 4+1Lucky Star 1:31,075
6 Prize 4 1:13,811
7 Prize 3+2Lucky Stars 1:14,125
8 Prize 3+1Lucky Star 1:706
9 Prize 3 1:313
10 Prize 2+2Lucky Stars 1:985
11 Prize 2+1Lucky Star 1:49
12 Prize 2 1:21
13 Prize 1+2Lucky Stars 1:187
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See if you’ve won a EuroMillions prize by comparing the number on your ticket to the ones selected in the draw. If all five main numbers + two lucky stars match - you won the Spanish EuroMillions jackpot prize! This top prize starts at €17 million and can climb up to a €220 million jackpot cap before a must-be-won draw is held.

If you make a partial match of the main numbers with or without both or one Lucky Star, you may be eligible to take home one of the draw’s 12 secondary prizes. Feel free to check out the tables above to see if any of your numbers matched a prize and how much you’ve won!

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Spain EuroMillions El Millón Raffle Results

Spain EuroMillions El Millón Raffle Results

When you buy a Spanish EuroMillions ticket, you are automatically entered into the El Millón raffle which offers all participants a chance at winning a guaranteed €1 million prize!

To see if you matched it, look for the 8-digit alphanumeric code on the bottom of your EuroMillions ticket, which you can see in your online account. If the code drawn matches the one drawn, you’ve just become €1 million richer! theLotter Australia will also notify you of any win once the official results are announced.

For more information about the EuroMillions draw and Spain’s El Millón raffle, visit the official EuroMillions website.

EuroMillions Lottery Record Jackpots

EuroMillions Biggest Jackpots

Since its inception, EuroMillions has been a global favourite thanks to paying out the biggest jackpot prizes in the continent! The lottery boasts an impressive €220,000,000 cap - much bigger than most lotteries.

Previously, EuroMillions had a €190 million jackpot cap that was reached for the first time since the lottery’s establishment in 2004 by a single ticket in Bayfords, UK in August 2012. Two years later in October 2014 the €190 million jackpot cap was hit once again by a Portuguese player. The third time this amount was reached was in October 2017 by a ticket holder in Spain after a boosted Superdraw jackpot rolled over until the cap was reached.

In December 2019, two records were broken when a single UK player won the €190 million jackpot. It was the biggest lottery win ever for a UK player and it was the first time the EuroMillions jackpot cap was reached in a regular draw (not after being boosted in a Superdraw). In February 2020, EuroMillions increased the jackpot cap to €200 million. This exciting amount was reached less than a year later when a single EuroMillions ticket purchased in France won it in the 11 December 2020 draw breaking all previous records. After this win, the EuroMillions jackpot cap was increased yet again to €210 million, which was reached on 26 February 2021 when a single ticket sold in Switzerland won the entire €210 million jackpot prize. This win broke all EuroMillions and European lottery records to date. The EuroMillions jackpot cap is now set at an unbelievable €220 million – and anyone with a EuroMillions ticket has a chance of winning it!