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Everything you Need to Know About Systematic Forms

Systematic forms are one of the advanced play options available on theLotter Australia and they can expand your lottery game significantly. These offer a statistics-based strategy of improving your odds of winning big lotteries like the US Powerball. In this guide, we will tell you about how systematic forms work, how they can boost your game, and how to use this option on our platform.

What Are Systematic Forms?

Systematic forms are a multi-entry option available exclusively on theLotter Australia that get you in the game with every possible combination of 6-14 numbers of your choice. Using this strategy in your lotto play has some impressive effects because it maximizes your odds of winning. In the following section, we will explain how to play systematic forms and how these works.

How to Play Systematic Forms on theLotter Australia

If you want to try out a systematic form entry on, simply follow these easy steps:

Play Systematic Forms
  • Choose the lottery you want to play.

  • Click on the Systematic button in the play grid.

  • Choose how many numbers you want for your systematic form (options vary from one lottery to another).

  • Choose the numbers for your systematic form entry and play.

When you choose the type of systematic form you want to play, you can also see how many entries it features. This depends on the rules of the game and how many combinations are compatible with them. You can play 6-14 numbers on our systematic forms.

How Do Systematic Forms Work?

The principle of this advanced play option is based on statistics. You enter the game with every possible combination of your lucky numbers. Then, if you match even several of the winning numbers, these will be on more than one entry, and, thus, increase the overall winnings.

This option is available exclusively on You can choose between 6-14 numbers for your systematic form. This option works differently for games like Canada Lotto 649 that only require you to choose main numbers than it does for games like the Australia Powerball that require main numbers and an additional number.

This happens because the numbers you choose for your systematic form will be used for your main number selection only. For games that feature additional numbers, you will be able to choose these as well, but you will have the same number/combination on every single entry in the systematic form.

To explain this better, we have made a visual representation of the combinations included in a 6-number systematic form for the US Powerball. In this example, we have chosen 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 for the 6 main numbers, and 15 for the Powerball. As you can see, the Powerball number is the same in every entry, but the main numbers represent every possible combination of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Systematic Form numbers

How Many Entries Are in a Systematic Form?

As we have mentioned above, on theLotter Australia you can choose how many numbers you want to play your systematic form with. While the options vary from one game to the other, the range is of 6 to 14 numbers for our platform.

Each systematic form will feature every possible combination of your selection for the main numbers in the game. In the following table, you can see the how many entries are included in each type of systematic form option.

Systematic Form Type Lotteries with 5 Main Numbers Lotteries with 6 Main Numbers

6 Numbers

6 Entries


7 Numbers

21 Entries

7 Entries

8 Numbers

56 Entries

28 Entries

9 Numbers

126 Entries

84 Entries

10 Numbers

252 Entries

210 Entries

11 Numbers

462 Entries

462 Entries

12 Numbers

792 Entries

924 Entries

13 Numbers

1287 Entries

1716 Entries

14 Numbers

2002 Entries

3003 Entries

Get Your Very Own Lottery Multiplier with Systematic Forms

Some lotteries like the US Powerball or the Mega Millions offer multipliers which can increase secondary prizes. Read about the Power Play feature to find out all about how this works. When you play systematic forms, you essentially get your very own multiplier for secondary prizes. Let us tell you how this works.

If you match some of the winning numbers, you will be eligible for secondary prizes. Since you have these numbers on several entries, each of them is a winner, and you will receive more secondary prizes by matching the same numbers.

There’s even more good news! When you enter lotteries with multipliers, you can choose to play with the multiplier in the systematic form as well. This way, if you win one of the secondary prizes, it will be increased by the multiplier, on every single entry that has the winning numbers. Overall, this will boost your winnings to some outstanding amounts.

The Biggest Fan of theLotter’s Systematic Forms

One of our VIP players from Latvia became the biggest fan of our systematic forms when he won $778,000 in the Italy SuperStar. A.K. tried out our advanced play option and it earned him quite an impressive fortune. In just six months, A.K. scooped his SuperStar fortune, as well as a $10,000 prize in the Canada Lotto 649, €4,926 in the France Loto, and €2,318 in the La Primitiva. His story is the best proof that systematic forms can take your game a very long way!

To sum up, systematic forms use statistics to improve your odds of winning the lottery. theLotter Australia offers this advanced play option exclusively, so try it out to expand your game! Play with every possible combination of your lucky numbers to win more prizes! Good luck!

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