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Top Powerball Winners on theLotter

Can a foreigner win the Powerball? Here is a question many people would like to have an answer for. The answer is certainly affirmative: yes, you can play US Powerball from Australia  using theLotter’s services. Moreover, the process is safe and legal! But, don’t take our word for it! Meet our biggest Powerball winners. If they did, so can you!

The Wonder from Down Under

Indeed, one of our biggest Powerball winners comes from Australia. G. has been playing the lottery online on theLotter since 2003. So, he has plenty of experience with our “convenient and easy to use” services. Along the years, he scooped 452 small prizes and kept playing, confident he will win big one day. On October 20th, 2016, after 13 years of small wins, his dream came true: his Quick Picked numbers matched the 5 winning numbers of the draw. This brought him $1 million. A well-deserved reward for his perseverance and his impossible to shake belief in luck. Read this lucky Aussie’s story right here.

theLotter's Powerball Winners

Canadian Powerball Winner

G. from Australia is not the only Powerball millionaire on theLotter. P. from Quebec is another proof that foreigners can win the US Powerball. As the US Powerball jackpot was passing the $1 billion threshold back in 2016, many Canadians as well as other American lottery fans from around the world were looking for a way to play Powerball legally. He started playing in January. He did not scoop the world record jackpot, but a month and a half later, he did become a millionaire, winning the second prize worth $1 million. Read all about P. and how he found out he won while having breakfast here.

“I woke up in Montreal this morning and I was looking and looking... And I said Jeez... I think I got the right numbers. But I wasn't too sure and I called my son and said, "I looked at the numbers and I think we won!" So... We did!”

Powerball Winner from El Salvador

While players in the US were standing in line to make sure their Powerball numbers have a chance in the game, H.V. from El Salvador was looking for a way to play US Powerball online. He found theLotter. He chose his numbers and bang! He won! Not the $1,58 billion jackpot that the whole world was raving about, but enough to see his life changing in the split of a second. The historical draw of January 13th, 2016 brought H. V. $1 million. Read all about his numbers strategy here.

Brit Wins the US Powerball

B.U. from the UK is our very first US Powerball millionaire. His story is very similar to the others. He started playing in March 2012 as Mega Millions, the other American lottery giant, was setting the former world record with the $656 million jackpot. One month later, he was turning into a millionaire with the $1 million Powerball prize for matching the 5 main numbers. Read all about B.U.’s winning journey from the rainy UK to the sunny Florida here.

Colombian Powerball Winner

As luck would have it, people from all over the world have scooped US Powerball prizes using theLotter’s secure and easy to use services. Natalia from Colombia, and interior design by profession and stay-at-home mother with an 11-year-old daughter, is another example. Playing the lottery online brought her an extra $50,000 in December 2017.

Singapore Engineer Scoops Powerball Prize

Need more proof that foreigners can win US Powerball prizes? Take, for example, the story of this Singaporean engineer, who matched the 4 main numbers and the Power Ball for the draw of November 26th, 2016. This brought him $50,000.

"You can imagine something, then maybe your imagination will come true."

Kenyan Powerball Winner

How did a guy from Kenya win $50,000 with US Powerball? It’s easy! He played on theLotter and matched 4 of the main numbers and the Power Ball of the draw. The 35-year-old analyst for the Kenyan government became fascinated with the American lotteries during a trip to the US. Back home to Kenya, he looked for ways to keep playing and he found theLotter. Was this the first time he played? Certainly not. He had been using theLotter’s services since 2009. It turns out, being perseverant pays off.

“I have a set of predetermined numbers that I always play on rotation irrespective of the lottery I am playing. I simply keep repeating the same numbers over and over.”

Winning a US Powerball prize all to yourself is certainly awesome. But, winning as a syndicate? Not one, but several prizes? It might seem unlikely, but it happened on theLotter in November 2017. This is when a theLotter syndicate shared a total of $106,300 in prizes.

International US Powerball Syndicate

55 players from 29 countries have won the US Powerball together without having ever met. How did they pull that off? By playing on theLotter, of course. Each of the 55 members invested in a share in a Powerball syndicate and it paid off big!

US Powerball Syndicate

The syndicate featured 65 entries and each of them was a Powerball winner. The 55 players, 8 of whom are from Australia, scooped USD106,300 in total, which included various prize categories, including 2 third prizes, each worth USD50,000. This means that each of them got approximately USD1,900. Not a bad break, right?

So, what are you waiting for? Your name can be the next on this list! The biggest Powerball jackpots are only a few clicks away! Whether you enjoy playing with a standard individual ticket or joining a syndicate, the world is your oyster with theLotter!