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Play Powerball NZ from Australia


How To Play Powerball NZ Online

To play New Zealand Powerball online, all you have to do is choose 6 numbers from 1 to 40 and a Powerball number from 1 to 10. When you play on theLotter Australia, you can choose your numbers manually in the grid above or you can choose Quick Pick option, which will render random numbers for your lines.

Choose the number of Powerball NZ lines you want to play and explore our gameplay options. You can try out syndicates, bundles, or systematic forms to boost your odds of becoming a Powerball NZ winner.

 Can I Play Powerball NZ from Australia?

Can I Play Powerball NZ from Australia?

Yes, you most definitely can play NZ Powerball from Australia on Set up your account, choose your numbers, and you are good to go! In a matter of minutes, you can play the biggest game in New Zealand all the way from Australia!

theLotter is safe, as our many years of experience can attest, so you never have to worry because you’re in good hands! All you have to do is decide what numbers you want to play with and we’ll take care of the rest.You can check your results for NZ Powerball on our platform right after the draw and you can also sign up to our free Alerts service receive jackpot&results alerts via email.

 When Are the Powerball NZ Draws?

When Are the Powerball NZ Draws?

The NZ Powerball draws are held twice a week, on Wednesdays at 6 PM ACT (Canberra Time) and Saturdays at 6:20 PM ACT, right after the NZ Lotto is drawn. On theLotter Australia, you can play up until a few hours before the draw.

You can also opt for a Powerball NZ subscription or a Multi-Draw Pack to make sure you don’t miss any of the coming draws.With subscriptions you get every 10th entry free of charge. As for Multi-Draw packages, these come with a 10-25% discount, depending on how many entries you choose to buy. 

 All About the Powerball NZ Jackpot

All About the Powerball NZ Jackpot

The big jackpot in the New Zealand Powerball starts out from NZ$5 million. With each rollover, the amount of the first prize is increased, and it can reach some impressive amounts. However, the NZ Powerball features a jackpot cap of NZ$50 million, which is the maximum amount for the first prize.

When the Powerball NZ jackpot reaches NZ$50 million, the lottery holds a “Must be Won” draw. This means that the jackpot cap must be paid out on that particular draw. In the event that nobody matches all the main numbers and the Powerball, the NZ$50 million is then transferred to the following prize category that has a winner.

 The Amazing NZ Powerball Game Options on theLotter Australia

NZ Powerball Game Options on theLotter Australia

When you play NZ Powerball on, you have access to some very exciting play options! You can choose to play syndicates to immediately up your chances in the game with a minimal investment. Find out all about syndicates here.

You can also try out systematic forms and play NZ Powerball with all the possible combinations of your favorite numbers. Another thrilling option is our Bundle pack, which gives you a diverse lottery experience with both syndicates and single entries. Read all about Bundles here.

Big NZ Powerball Winner on theLotte

theLotter’s Big NZ Powerball Winner

Our biggest NZ Powerball winner comes from Russia and he scooped a whopping NZ$175,887 by playing on theLotter Australia. V.K. was one of our VIP members and he took his lottery experience global with our platform. He had been playing on theLotter for only one month when he got his big NZ Powerball prize in June 2013.

In fact, V.K.’s prize came with his 8-number systematic form entry in the New Zealand Powerball. His winning numbers were automatically generated by a computer via the Quick Pick option. His systematic form pack has earned V.K. not only the NZ$142,857 1st prize, but also several secondary prizes, which have upped his winnings to NZ$175,887.

 NZ Powerball vs. US Powerball and the Aussie Powerball

NZ Powerball vs. US & Aussie Powerball

These are the world’s three main Powerball games, which all follow the standard play format – main numbers + Powerball. The NZ Powerball and its Aussie correspondent follow a 6+PB format, while the US Powerball has a 5+PB format.

The most remarkable difference between the three games is the size of the jackpots. The American version is the holder of the world record for the largest lottery jackpot, which makes the distinction quite steep. The New Zealand version has lower jackpots, but it makes up for it with its fantastic odds - 1 in 38,303,800 compared to 1 in 292,201,338 in the US Powerball.