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Play NY Take 5 Online from Australia

 How To Play NY Take 5 Online

How To Play NY Take 5 Online

If you want to enter the Take 5 New York State lottery, you have to choose 5 numbers from 1 to 39. When you play NY Take 5 online on theLotter.com.au, you can use the Quick Pick option to play with random numbers or you can choose them manually.

If you opt for an NY Take 5 subscription, you can play the same 5 numbers for all the upcoming draws and get every 10th entry for free. You can also try a Multi-Draw package, which also comes with a sizable discount for NY Take 5 fans (10-25%). It only takes 5 numbers to win New York’s big game, so choose yours and join in on the excitement!

 Can I Play NY Take 5 from Australia

Can I Play NY Take 5 from Australia?

Yes, you most certainly can play New York Take Five from Australia on theLotter.com.au. Just set up your account, and choose your numbers, and we will go the extra mile to make your lottery experience a success!

theLotter Australia is the leading online lottery service, which gives Aussies access to a diverse lotto experience. On our platform, you can play the biggest international games, as well as the most popular Australian lotteries.

 When Are the New York Take 5 Draws?

When Are the New York Take 5 Draws?

The NY Take 5 draws are held daily at 23:21 New York time (which is 13:21 Canberra time). With a chance to win the Take Five jackpot every single day, this NY lottery is bound to be one of your regular lotteries.

You can check if you've won every day on our NY Take 5 results page. We post the winning numbers soon after each draw. Another option is to sign up for our Free Alerts system. This way, you will get notifications about jackpots and results by email.

 What Are the NY Take 5 Lottery Prizes?

What Are the NY Take 5 Lottery Prizes?

There are 4 prize categories in NY Take 5 (jackpot included), which are available for each draw. The 2nd prize division goes to players who guess any 4 of the Take 5 numbers and it is worth 30% of the prize pool. The 30% is split between all the 2nd prize winners of the draw. The average amount for this prize category is $508.02.

With 3 of the drawn numbers, players can collect the 3rd prize division, which is worth 50% of the prize pool. Considering the beneficial odds of winning for this category, this payout pool is split between lots of winners. The average amount is of $25.66. As for the 4th prize division, this goes to players who match any 2 of the main numbers and it comes with a complimentary prize.

 The Odds of Winning the New York Take 5 Lottery

The Odds of Winning the New York Take 5

The Take 5 New York State lottery is a daily game with fantastic odds of winning. Every time you play Take 5, you have an overall chance of 1 in 8.77 to win any of the prizes. The odds of winning the Take 5 jackpot are of 1:575,757, which are significantly more achievable than those for the US Powerball (1 in 292,201,388) or the Mega Millions (1 in 302,575,350). Even compared to the Aussie lotteries with the best odds, NY Take 5 is still an amazing oportunity.

As for the secondary prizes, these come with even better winning odds. You have a 1 in 3,386 chance of scooping the NY Take 5 2nd prize and a 1 in 102 chance of getting the 3rd prize. With such fabulous winning odds, you are well-worth trying your luck in the New York Take 5 every single day!

 Playing NY Take 5 Online on theLotter

The Perks of Playing NY Take 5 Online

On our platform, not only can you play the Take 5 New York state lottery from the comfort of your own home, but you can also try out an amazing play option. When you play with a systematic form, you go into the game with all possible combinations of 6-10 of your favorite numbers.

Considering the tempting odds of winning NY Take 5, a systematic form can bring you a sizable payout because it acts like your very own multiplier. If you match even some of the winning numbers, you will have them on several entries, which entitles you to more than one prize! Try out systematic forms on theLotter.com.au to enhance your NY Take 5 experience!