Get Japan Little Lotto Tickets Online from Australia

Howe to play Japan Little Loto Online

How to Play Japan Little Lotto Online and Match Japan Mini Loto

Little Lotto’s rules, format, and prizes mirror those of Japan’s Mini Loto draw. Join the next Japan Little Lotto draw online by picking five numbers from 1-31. You can fill in your numbers by manually selecting them, using our Quick Pick feature for a random selection, or your saved Lucky Numbers.

theLotter Australia will match the numbers on your Little Lotto entry to an official Japanese Mini Loto ticket from a licenced retailer. The Japan Little Lotto draw time corresponds with the Mini Loto draws in Japan, which take place every Tuesday at 18:45 GMT+9 (19:45 AEST).

Match the Japan Little Lotto Jackpot from Australia

How Do You Win Japan Little Lotto Prizes Online?

Just because it’s little, it doesn’t mean it isn’t rewarding! The Japan Little Lotto jackpot can be won by matching the five main numbers selected in the draw. Due to the small guess range, the odds of winning this lottery are incredible, at just 1:169,911. This means that you could be walking away with prizes in no time!

The draw’s jackpot and secondary prizes are determined by ticket sales, so prizes can be higher or lower than what’s advertised. In addition to the jackpot, Little Lotto also offers players a chance to win from three prize divisions by matching 4+ Bonus Ball, 4, or 3 winning numbers.

If you're lucky enough to match a Japan Little Lotto, we’ll make sure you’re the first to know by notifying you with the news and details shortly after the official Mini Loto results are announced. Little Lotto results and prizes always correspond with the Japanese Mini Loto draws. Check out the Japan Little Lotto results after every draw to see if you have won any of the mini (but mighty!) prizes.

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