Play Germany Lotto Online from Australia |

Play Germany Lotto Online from Australia

 How to Play Germany Lotto Online

How to Play Germany Lotto Online

According to the official rules, to play Germany Lotto, you have to choose 6 numbers from 1 to 49 and one Super Number from 0 to 9. Your aim in the game is to guess all 6 numbers and the Super Number to win the Germany Lotto jackpot.

When you play the German lotto on theLotter Australia, you can select your numbers in the grid above either manually or using the Quick Pick option to get a random combination for your entry. It’s all up to you!

 Play Germany Lotto from Australia

Can You Play Germany Lotto from Australia?

Yes, you can play Germany Lotto without leaving Australia if you do it online on We offer a completely secure service that enables you to enter the world’s biggest lotteries from your computer, phone, or tablet.

You can play Germany Lotto with single entries or you can opt for a Multi-Draw package that gets you up to 52 entries. You also get a discount of up to 24.8% with these packages, which makes them worth taking into consideration. Another option you have on our portal is to set up a subscription, which will get you every 10th entry for free.

 Official German Lotto Draws

When Are the Official German Lotto Draws?

The official draws in the Germany Lotto are held every Wednesday at 18:25 and every Saturday at 19:25 in Saarland, Germany. In Australia, that is every Thursday at 02:30 and every Sunday at 03:25. After the draw, check our Germany Lotto results page to see if you are one of the big winners.

Or you can subscribe to our free alert system to get info about jackpots and results. Should you be one of the lucky Germany Lotto winners, keep in mind that theLotter will not take any commission from your prize. What you win is entirely yours!

 Germany Lotto Jackpot

The Germany Lotto Jackpot

The first prize in the Germany Lotto starts out from €1 million. This is the minimum jackpot you can win in this German lottery if you match all the 6 main numbers and the Super Number. With each draw where the jackpot is not won, the amount of the top prize increases.

As there is no jackpot cap in the Germany Lotto, there is no limit to how much the first prize can grow. The current record stands at €45.3 million, which was won in December 2007 by three ticket-holders. To this day, the largest win on a single entry was scooped in October 2006 by a player from North Rhine-Westphalia who got €37.6 million.

 Germany Lotto Play on theLotter

Boost Your Germany Lotto Play on theLotter

If you want to increase your chances of winning the Germany Lotto, you have some very tempting options available on theLotter Australia. Try playing this German lottery with systematic forms. This will get you in the game with every single combination of 8-11 numbers of your choice. Read our guide to systematic forms to find out how these can work as your own multiplier.

You can also play Germany Lotto as part of a syndicate. This means that you will be part of a group entry and, thus, increase your chances of scooping a prize. Here is everything you need to know about lottery syndicates. If you can’t decide how to play, you may opt for our Bundle packages. They include both a personal entry and syndicate shares. This way, you can get the best of both worlds!

 Oz Lotto Syndicate Winners

theLotter’s Big Germany Lotto Winner

Over the years, we’ve had quite a few winners in the German Lotto, but the most remarkable win was that of our German player, WR. He was living in Thailand when he first registered on theLotter because it was the best way for him to continue playing his favorite local lottery.

In a matter of weeks, WR won the German Lotto by playing online from Thailand. He scooped a whole €3,978.10 in January 2013.In December 2013, came his second big win on theLotter. He won €25,805 by playing none other than Australia’s own Saturday Lotto. Try your luck on theLotter for the international lottery experience!