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How to Play California SuperLotto Online

How to play California SuperLotto Plus online?

California SuperLotto Plus Rules

Want to know how to play California SuperLotto Plus online? First of all, you should know the rules are very easy to understand. This Californian lottery is based on a simple format and uses two ranges of numbers. To play CA lotto, you have to pick 5 numbers out of 47 and one out of 27. In order to hit the jackpot, you will have to get all of them right! The odds of matching all 5 + 1 numbers are of 1:41 million, which is much better than those offered by other American lotteries such as the US Powerball or Mega Millions. The jackpots start at US$7 million and so far, they have reached a record of US$193 million.

Can I Play the California Lottery from Canada?

Can I Play the California Lottery Online from Australia?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Playing SuperLotto Plus from Australia is possible! All you have to do is to pick your numbers. You can go for random numbers using the Quick Pick button, letting the system decide for you, or you can choose your numbers manually. Once you have a set of numbers you want to reuse, save them to your account as your Lucky Numbers. You can even try listening to the best songs about the lottery for inspiration. 

Besides the chance to play the word's most exotic lotteries, such as the Austria EuroMillions, the New York Lotto, or the New Zealand Powerball and the comfort of playing from wherever you are, theLotter offers you security of purchase as well as smart solutions that allow you to never miss a draw. For entering the following up to 52 draws, you can purchase a Multi-Draw package, and you will also save some money in the process. If you want to make sure you never ever miss a California SuperLotto draw, you can subscribe to this lotto game. Every 10th entry will be free of charge.

When is the California SuperLotto Plus Draw?

When does the SuperLotto Plus Draw Take Place?

The Californian Lottery holds SuperLotto Plus draws every Wednesday and Saturday at 11:15 PM – California time. This means 4:15 AM in Sydney or Canberra, Australia.

Worried about finding the winning numbers? No reason to fret about it: you can get the CA Lotto results by email or SMS as soon as the numbers are published by the official lottery by subscribing to our results alerts sevice . We will also notify you personally in case you are one of the lucky winners.

What Is the Mega Number?

What Is the Mega Number?

This California Lottery game makes use of an additional number known as the Mega number to create more prize categories. This number ranges from 1 to 27, and is picked by the players themselves. Having the right Mega and the 5 winning numbers of the draw on your ticket brings you the jackpot.

But, Mega can do much more than that for you: it can help you win the third category prize (4 + Mega) and the fifth prize (3 + Mega). Mega plays a role in the seventh, eighth and ninth prizes as well.

California SuperLotto Plus Record Jackpot

California SuperLotto Plus Record Jackpot

The highest amount reached by the SuperLotto Plus jackpot in its entire history is US$ 193 million. This awesome prize accumulated after 11 rollovers represented, at that time, the record jackpot for any US lottery. It was won on February 16, 2002 by three ticket holders. After taxes, each of them scooped the life-changing amount of $32.1 million.

But, this is not the only record in California SuperLotto Plus’ history. A lucky player from San Jose managed to scoop, in the draw of June 23, 2001, the second largest SuperLotto Plus jackpot ever - $141 million. The prize that changed Alcario Castellano’s life overnight was the largest CA Lotto jackpot on a single ticket. The 66-year-old has certainly appreciated the windfall of $42.3 million after tax. He had been working as a supermarket clerk all of his life, but for the past 15 years, he had also been playing the lottery on a weekly basis. As you ca see, perseverance does pay off in the end!

California SuperLotto Plus Syndicate Winners

California SuperLotto Plus Syndicate Winners

The SuperLotto Plus draw of January 25, 2017 brought a jackpot of $72 million to a lucky syndicate from Hesperia, California. The 5 syndicate members (Amparo Donaldson, Keith Petersen, Monica Petersen, Arthur Santana and Yvonne Wilkinson) had the inspiration of picking the winning numbers of January 25 draw, 13-9-29-27-33 and the Mega number 10. The Hesperia family pooled $20 each to play their favorite lottery every week. “Oh my God. I think we hit the lotto!” was their only statement to the press, as they declined all media interviews.