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Play Australia Saturday Lotto Online

 How to Play Saturday Lotto Online

How to Play Saturday Lotto Online

To play Saturday Lotto, all you have to do is choose six numbers from a guess range of 1 to 45. If you manage to guess all six of them, you are the big winner of the Saturday Lotto jackpot, which can reach some very exciting amounts. Aside from the 6 main numbers, Saturday Lotto officials also draw two supplementary numbers from the same guess range, which are required for the 2nd, 5th, and 6th prize-tier.

The official Saturday Lotto draw is held once a week on Saturday evening at 19:45 AEST. When you play Saturday Lotto online on theLotter Australia, you select the numbers you want to play on the grid above. The Quick Pick option will provide you random selections of six numbers, but manual selection is also available if you want to play your lucky numbers.

 Play Australia Saturday Lotto Online

Why Play Australia Saturday Lotto Online

As Saturday Lotto is one of the local Australian games, you’ve probably not thought about playing it online. But, in fact, it could be well-worth your time to try and since theLotter is a safe platform, you are in the best place to do so. Not only is it far more convenient to play Saturday Lotto online, but you also get to expand your gameplay options and get the chance to win more.

You can try your luck by playing Saturday Lotto online with a systematic form. This will get you in the game with every possible combination of series of numbers that you choose. This could act as your very own lottery multiplier and boost your winnings in the Saturday Lotto.

 All About the Australia Saturday Lotto Jackpot

The Australia Saturday Lotto Jackpot

The first and most important one is the Saturday Lotto jackpot, which goes to players who guess all six of the main numbers. The minimum amount of the jackpot is AUD4 MILLION, but with every rollover, this amount is increased significantly. The highest amount of the Saturday Lotto jackpot is AUD47,9 MILLION.

Occasionally, the Australia Saturday Lotto has Superdraws, where the amount of the first prize is usually increased to AUD18 MILLION and up to AUD30 MILLION. So, keep an eye out for these special draws because they are the stakes are so high!

 Australia Saturday Lotto Prizes

The Secondary Prizes in the Australia Saturday Lotto

The Saturday Lotto offers players a total of six prize categories, including the jackpot. To win the 2nd, 5th, and 6th prizes, players must have 1 or 2 of the supplementary numbers of the draw, as well as some of the main numbers. Matching 5 of the main numbers and at least one of the supplementary numbers will earn players the second prize, which can reach some impressive amounts.

The amount of all the Saturday Lotto prizes is determined according to the sales for that particular draw. Each prize category represents a proportion of the prize pool and then shared equally among the winners of the draw.

 Australia Saturday Lotto vs. other Ozzie Lotteries

Australia Saturday Lotto vs. Other Ozzie Lotteries

The big draws of the week in Australia are the Monday Lotto, the Oz Lotto, the Wednesday Lotto, and the Saturday Lotto. All of these lottery games come with the same rules – just choose 6 numbers from 1 to 45 and win the jackpot. But, the big Ozzie favorite is the Saturday Lotto. The main reason is that the jackpot in this game is far more attractive than that in other local games.

In the Monday Lotto and the Wednesday Lotto, the jackpot comes at a fixed amount of AUD1 MILLION. Then, it’s the Oz Lotto jackpot that starts out at AUD2 MILLION. But the Saturday Lotto ups the game significantly by having jackpots of at least AUD4 MILLION every single week. With a prize like this, you simply cannot miss your chance to play Saturday Lotto online on theLotter Australia!

 Odds of Winning the Saturday Lotto Prizes

Odds of Winning the Saturday Lotto Prizes

Get ready for the special draw coming up in the Saturday Lotto on February 16th, 2019! The jackpot for the big event will be a whopping AUD20 million, which means you simply cannot afford to miss it!

Save the date and play Australia Saturday Lotto online! If you want to boost your odds of winning the AUD20 million pot, you can try out the amazing syndicates and bundles on on! Fingers crossed!