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How to Play Australia Oz Lotto Online

How to Play Oz Lotto Online

Want to play your favorite Aussie lotto online? Well, it is extremely simple and it is all safe on theLotter Australia. As per the Oz Lotto rules, all you have to do is select seven numbers from 1 to 45 and you are done. We take care of the rest of the process for you!

The Oz Lotto officials draw seven main numbers, as well as two bonus numbers from the same guess range. To qualify for the big Oz Lotto jackpot starting out at AUD2 MILLION, players have to guess all the seven main numbers. The bonus balls are only relevant for the Division 2, 4, and 7.

 Australia Oz Lotto Draw

When Is the Oz Lotto Draw?

The Oz Lotto draw takes place every Tuesday at 20:30 AEST. Players get a chance every week to win the Oz Lotto jackpot and the rest of the prizes. But the Australian lottery spoils its fans with a generous weekly schedule and numerous special draws throughout the year.

If you play on theLotter Australia, you never have to miss a draw again because you can subscribe to the Australia Oz Lotto. It even comes with a 10% discount!

You can also check your Oz Lotto numbers right here and even sign up to get result alerts. It’s so easy to play Oz Lotto online on because we do all the work for you! And if you want to play other lotteries, there are so many to choose from here. From the Australia Powerball to the American Powerball, the lottery world is at your feet!

 Oz Lotto Prize Divisions

The Main Oz Lotto Prize Divisions

There are seven Oz Lotto divisions, which means that players stand to win a lot of other prizes than the big Oz Lotto jackpot. The staring amount for the Division 1 prize is AUD2 MILLION, and then, with each rollover, the amount of the prize increases exponentially. The current record for the Oz Lotto jackpot is AUD112 MILLION. This is also the biggest jackpot ever delivered by an Australian lottery.

Players have to match all the 7 main numbers to win the Oz Lotto jackpot, but 6 main numbers and either one of the bonus balls will earn them the Division 2 prize. Matching 6 of the main numbers will earn players the Division 3 Prize and 5 main numbers the Division 5 Oz Lotto prize. Guessing either one of the bonus balls and five main numbers entitles players to the Division 4 prize.

 Advantages of Playing Oz Lotto Online

The Advantages of Playing Oz Lotto Online

When you play the Oz Lotto online on, you can save quite a bit of time and energy. Instead of going to the lottery retailer yourself, you can play online in a matter of clicks. That’s only one advantage! You can also find some amazing offers on our platform.

Not only can you subscribe to the Oz Lotto, but on, you can actually enhance your game! Try an Oz Lotto syndicate and actively increase your chances of winning the amazing prizes in the game by playing with a group. If you can’t decide how you want to play, try bundles, which give you the best of both worlds.

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The Biggest Australia Oz Lotto Winners

The record Oz Lotto jackpot was a AUD111,972,151 prize that was won by four very lucky players back in November 2012. While the Division 1 prize was advertised at AUD100 MILLION, there were so many players, that the amount increased and became the highest in the history of the game.

In June 2009, an Oz Lotto jackpot of AUD90 MILLION increased to a whopping AUD106.5 MILLION and it was finally scooped by a couple from the Gold Coast and a player form Adelaide. In December 2013, an Oz Lotto syndicate from Runaway Bay in Queensland won a huge jackpot worth AUD70 MILLION, which became the largest prize to be won by a syndicate in this Aussie lottery.

 Oz Lotto Syndicate Winners

theLotter’s Big Oz Lotto Syndicate Winners

On July 31st, 2018, 22 people played Oz Lotto as a syndicate on theLotter Australia, and it paid off immensely for them. They won a whopping AUD24,937.50 and all it took was getting their syndicate share online.

The 22 members of the syndicate are from 19 different countries, one of whom was from Australia. Their passion for the lottery has united them on theLotter and it has brought each of them a small fortune. So, try your luck with lotto syndicates and maybe you could be our next big winners!

 Australian Lotteries to Play Online

What Other Australian Lotteries Can You Play Online?

On our platform, you can play the Oz Lotto online, as well as the other Aussie favorites. With its regular Superdraws and Megadraws, the Saturday Lotto is one of your best choices among the Australian lotteries. Together with the Monday Lotto and Wednesday Lotto, it offers the best odds of winning in the country.

If you want to try out a different game format, then you can go with the Australia Powerball, which follows the American classic. On, you have access to the entire Aussie lottery series, as well as some amazing game options.