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How to Play Australia Monday Lotto Online

Nowadays you can do everything online, even playing your local lottery. If you want to try your luck at the great Ozzie Lotto prizes and benefit from awesome odds of winning from the comfort of your home, pick 6 numbers ranging from 1 to 45 and hit the Play button! Monday Lotto is one of the most popular Australian lotteries because of its appealing jackpot, but also because of the amazing odds of winning it offers.

Want to boost your odds even further? Why not? Then go for a systematic form, which allows you to enter the Monday Lotto draw with all possible combinations of your 8 – 12 numbers. This means that you enter the game with up to 3003 lines, boosting your odds of winning tremendously.

 Why Play the Australia Monday Lotto Online

Why Play the Australia Monday Lotto Online

You might wonder if there are any advantages to playing your local lottery online on theLotter. Going beyond the comfort of playing the lottery in a secured way from home, theLotter offers you a wide range of smart solutions that enable you to boost your odds of winning or allow you to never miss a draw. For instance, if you want to make sure your numbers have a chance in the following draws, you can purchase a Multi-Draw package, or subscribe to Monday Lotto.

With Multi-Draws, you can enter up to 52 Monday Lotto draws and you also get a discount of up to 25% with it. When you set up a Monday Lotto subscription, you get every 10th entry free of charge. Another advantage you have on is making your game global. You can play Mega Millions from Australia, and so many other big international games you’ve heard so much about.

 What are the additional numbers for?

What Are the Additional Numbers for?

In order to play Monday Lotto, you need to pick 6 numbers out of 45. But, during the draw, a total of 8 numbers comes out of the barrel. So, you might wonder: what are the additional 2 numbers for?

These two supplementary numbers do not influence the winning of the jackpot, but can bring you secondary prizes: if you match two of them, you can win the 6th and 7th prizes, and with only 1 of them, you are a candidate for the 2nd and 5th prize.

 When is the Monday Lotto Draw?

When Is the Monday Lotto Draw?

This Ozzie Lotto holds draws every Monday at 8:30 PM – Sydney time. You can watch the draw on channel 7TWO at 20:45 AWST/ 22:45 AEST. The winning numbers are announced each Monday night on Channel 7 and GWN7 during Today Tonight. You can get the complete information regarding the draw schedule of different Australian lotteries here.

When you play online on theLotter, you can benefit from additional services that make your life easier. For instance, you can subscribe to our results alerts service and get the results for each draw by email or SMS. Moreover, whenever you win a prize, we will notify you and transfer the money straight to your account. If you are lucky enough to hit it big with Monday Lotto, you might have go claim your prize in person, but rest assured: you will benefit from our support each step of the way.

 All about Monday Lotto Jackpot

All about the Monday Lotto Jackpot

This Australian Lottery game offers on each of its weekly draws a fixed jackpot of AUD$1 million . But, the rules regarding the Monday Lotto jackpot are slightly different from many other lotteries around the world.

Monday Lotto’s Division One prize does not boost its value when none of the participants matches the winning numbers of the draw, like it happens in the American lotto games. It keeps its fixed amount of AUD$1 million . However, if there are up to 4 lucky draw participants to match all the 6 numbers, they each cash in AUD$1 million instead of splitting AUD$1 million. The splitting occurs only when there are more than 4 winners in a draw: then, the total amount of AUD$4 million will be split between those who matched all the winning numbers.

 Join a Monday Lotto Online Syndicate

Join a Monday Lotto Online Syndicate

Another great advantage offered by theLotter is the possibility to join an online syndicate. How do the syndicates work?. There are different types of syndicates, each with its added value, allowing its members to enjoy better odds of winning a prize. Any wins of a syndicate are split amongst its members. Become one of the big lottery syndicate winners with theLotter Australia! Those who want to enjoy the benefits of both worlds, can play Monday Lotto with a bundle package. This way you will allow you to play individually as well as part of a syndicate. Find out more about bundles here.

 Australian Lotteries to Play Online

Other Australian Lotteries to Play Online

Aside from the Monday Lotto, there are other games from Down Under you can play online on You can continue with the Lotto series and play the Wednesday and Saturday Lotto. Look out for Superdraws and Megadraws, which come with huge prizes!

You can also play the Oz Lotto for a chance to win the biggest jackpots! This is the holder of the Aussie record for the largest lottery prize. The other contender in this category is the Aussie Powerball, which also offers some very tempting prizes.