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Top 6 Songs About the Lottery

While many of us have played Mega Millions, few of us have gone and written a song about it. Still, once you stop and think about it, the excitement, hope, and drama surrounding the lottery actually makes for a great subject for a song. Turns out, many brilliant artists from Harry Nilsson to Luke Combs did just that. We've collected the top 6 songs about the lottery ever written here for you to take a listen to while you think up your next lucky numbers.

1. Luke Combs Scratch Off Ticket

We're starting off strong with a modern country classic. Luke Combs' When It Rains It Pours is a stirring anthem about a normal, working-class guy whose luck makes a hard u-turn when raffles and scratch-off tickets start going his way. Sure, the amounts he's winning might not be the biggest jackpots ever, but even a few hundred bucks is enough to change both his life and state of mind.

I was caller number five on a radio station / Won a four day, three night beach vacation.

2. Nickleback Sea Shanty Rockstar

Okay, so Nickleback's Rockstar might not literally be a song about the lottery, but there's still plenty of reasons it's on this list. For one, this is actually a cover of Rockstar by an indie band called The Lottery Winners, and two, the song was so surprisingly successful it was basically the musical equivalent of winning the lottery.

During the 2021 there was a sudden and short-lived crazy for music in the style of sea-shanties. On a lark, The Lottery Winners adapted Rockstar into the style of the well-known Wellerman shanty and posted it online. They might not have not seen it as much more than a joke at the time, but their cover absolutely blew up online, to the point that Nickelback themsevlves created a lyric video for it and The Lottery Winners were signed into a lucrative recording deal.

Out of the millions of indie artists releasing music online, The Lottery Winners were one of the few who won big and that's why we're including them on this list of songs about winning the lottery. That, and also because this cover is a fantastice tune worthy of a listen.

I want a brand-new house on an episode of Cribs and / A bathroom I can play baseball in.

3. Jade Bird Lottery

More than just having an amazing voice, Jade Bird brings a whole new angle to the subject of the lottery in this soaring love song. Drawing a connection between the odds of two people finding their soul mates with the odds of winning a top jackpot, Jade Bird's Lottery is a stirring ballad about feeling like the odds are stacked against love.

You used to tell me that love is a lottery / And you got your numbers and you're betting on me.

4. Camper Van Beethoven When I Win the Lottery

Iconic 90's fusion rock band Camper Van Beethoven is well-remembered for their exciting mix of folk, rock, and alternative country. When I Win the Lottery is a soulful tale of a simple man fantasising about what he'll do win he finally wins the lottery.

When I win the lottery gonna donate half my money to the city / So they have to name a street or a school or a park after me.

5. Michelle Chamuel Lottery

Known for being runner-up on season four of The Voice, Michelle Chamuel delivers a stunning and energetic pop hit with Lottery. This romantic song is all about taking a chance on love and Michelle delivers it flawlessly.

I'll take a chance on you, you'll take a chance on me / And we both playing the lottery.

6. Harry Nilsson The Lottery Song

Harry Nillson's song is about adreamer who starts thinking about all the things he and his partner would be able to do together if they won the lottery. Even half a century after it was written and recorded, The Lottery Song is still a timeless classic that always gets us in the lottery mood.

We could win the lottery / We could go to Vegas / And be very happy.

Sing your own lottery songs!

Thanks to theLotter Australia's lottery courier service, Australians can do more than just listen to songs about far off lotteries. If these great lottery songs appeal to you, feel free to put one on while coming up with what lucky numbers you'll try next and which of the top international lotteries to play them in.

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