7 Songs about the Lottery

Can you think of any songs about the lottery? While it may not seem like a popular music theme, there are quite a few good songs out there that will definitely surprise you. In this article, we have gathered some of the most diverse lotto tunes and we have made up a list of the best 7 songs about the lottery. We hope you’re going to enjoy them as much as we did!

Camper Van Beethoven - When I Win the Lottery

Camper Van Beethoven is one of the fantastic fusion rock bands of the 90's. An exciting mix of folk, rock, and alternative country, this band is bound to keep you interested. Their song, "When I Win the Lottery" is about a man who has seemed to reach rock bottom and sees the lottery as his chance to fix everything. So, he puts in all his money to buy the lottery ticket that will make things good and then fantasizes about all the things he'd like to do when he wins the lottery. Enjoy!

Train - Lottery

Train is one of the iconic pop-rock bands of the 90's and it seems that they are still relevant in 2017. Since their rock days from the 90's, Train has adapted to a more pop-centered sound, but their song, "Lottery" is absolutely adorable. Pat Monahan sings about a man who is so in love that he feels that he's won the lottery. Not even winning a fabulous American Powerball jackpot compares to how he feels towards this amazing woman that makes him feel alive. Train's "Lottery" makes for an excellent morning song because it has a very contagious energy to it.

The Crimea - Lottery Winners on Acid

Hailing from the UK's vast indie scene, The Crimea is yet another amazing band for when you need an energy boost. Their song, "Lottery Winners on Acid" is all about the mind-blowing euphoria that comes with spending time with your significant other. Singer Davey MacManus describes it as not only winning the lottery, but taking the immense adrenaline rush that comes with a lotto win, and taking it so much further. It seems that when you're spending time with your soul mate, you can really feel like lottery winners on acid.

Lottery - Lydia Caesar

If you feel like dancing, then this song will give you every single reason to because it is brilliantly catchy and you won't be able to get enough of it once Lydia Caesar gets to the chorus. This one is also a song about the lottery of love, which, it seems, Ms. Caesar has won. "I hit the jackpot, I'm done/ Cashed my cheque, you're the one/ I thought the odds were against me/ In the love lottery!" What could be lovelier than telling the one you love that he is like the grand jackpot in the lottery of the heart?

Harry Nilsson - The Lottery Song

Harry Nilsson's song is about a dreamer who starts thinking about the things that he would do with his beloved partner after winning the lottery. The central element of all of the plans that he envisions is doing all of these things together. "The Lottery Song" comes from the hippie era and it is fantastic how that energy can still be felt in Mr. Nilsson's voice. Enjoy!

Michelle Chamuel - Lottery

This engaging pop song is absolutely addictive because it gets a grip on you from the first seconds and then makes you want to dance. Michelle Chamuel's song is about how falling in love is just like playing the lottery because you will get immensely exited about what could be, but in the end, fate will decide if you are a winner.

Bow Wow - Put That on My Hood (Lottery Ticket)

“Put it on my hood” is the perfect example of hip pop and you’re not going to help loving it. Snoop Dog’s protege Lil Bow Wow had a very good year in 2011 when his film “Lottery Ticket” came out. This is actually one of the best lottery movies to date and his song was all the rage. It is about how even after winning a jackpot as large as those people play US Mega Millions online for won’t change the bond you have with your hood.

So, which of these songs about the lottery did you enjoy best? Whether you feel like pop, indie, soft rock, electro-pop, or hip hop, we have a solid option ready for you. These amazing songs will get you in the perfect mood for playing the lottery! So, put in your tickets on theLotter Australia and maybe you will get your very own lottery win song! Good luck!