Latest International Lottery Draw Results

Check lottery results online with theLotter Australia in order to stay up-to-date with the latest winning numbers and payouts for the biggest draw games.

Information About Lottery Results

We post international lottery results soon after the official draw takes place. Clicking a lottery on the list will give you additional information about its latest draw results, including payouts for each of the lottery’s prize divisions.

Winning Numbers

The numbers shown are those that were selected in the latest draw. On our website, the winning numbers will always be displayed in ascending order, not in the order in which they were drawn.

Regular, or main numbers drawn are displayed in white; bonus numbers in blue; and additional numbers in red.

What Is a Bonus Number?

A bonus number is a supplementary number selected at the draw from the same lottery drum as the regular numbers, and its purpose is to create additional prize categories.

Bonus numbers are not selected by the player and they are not required to win the lottery’s jackpot prize.

Prize divisions that make use of the bonus number are shown on each individual lottery results page.

What Is an Additional Number?

Unlike a bonus number, an additional number is chosen by the player when filling out the lottery entry. The additional number is selected from a different guess range and the number is drawn from a separate lottery drum.

In lotteries with additional numbers, winning the jackpot prize is possible when a player successfully matches all the main numbers drawn, as well as the additional number/s drawn. Partial matches of the main numbers with an additional number match may entitle a player to secondary prizes, based on the rules of the specific lottery.

The Biggest Lotteries

At theLotter Australia you can find the latest results for top lotteries from all over. Starting with USA, you can scroll up to see US MegaLuck results, which match official US Mega Millions results or the latest US PowerLuck numbers, which mirror US Powerball results!

You can also see results for several European lotteries at theLotter Australia, including for EU Jackpot and Italy Super Lotto, which match EuroJackpot results and the Italy SuperEnalotto winning numbers!