UK EuroMillions Information

Guess Range 5/50 + PB 2/12
Hosted in U.K.
(Local draw time)
Jackpot Type CASH
Tax Requirement At present, we do not offer ticket purchasing service for this lottery online. To check your liability for taxation at source, we urge you to check the website of the official operator. Check the tax laws in your country of residence for any further local taxation you may be subject to.

Chances to win U.K. - EuroMillions and UK Millionaire Maker

Divisions Match Winning Odds
1 Prize 5+2PB 1:139,838,160
2 Prize 5+PB 1:6,991,908
3 Prize 5 1:3,107,515
4 Prize 4+2PB 1:621,503
5 Prize 4+PB 1:31,076
6 Prize 4 1:13,812
7 Prize 3+2PB 1:14,126
8 Prize 3+PB 1:707
9 Prize 3 1:314
10 Prize 2+2PB 1:986
11 Prize 2+PB 1:50
12 Prize 2 1:22
13 Prize 1+2PB 1:188

U.K. - EuroMillions and UK Millionaire Maker Information

UK EuroMillions Lottery Rules

If you want to try your luck at UK EuroMillions, all you have to do is pick 5 main numbers from a range of 1-50 and 2 Lucky Starts from 1 to 12. You will need to match all of the winning numbers to hit the jackpot, which starts at €17 million and can grow with every rollover until it reaches €190 million.

If the jackpot is still not won, it stays at the same value for 5 consecutive draws. If on the 5th draw there is no top prize winner, the €190 million rolls down to the next prize category and is split between the winners.

When Do the EuroMillions Draws Take Place?

The European lottery holds two draws per week: every Tuesday and Friday. The winning numbers are drawn at 21.00 CET in Paris. This means 7 AM the next day (on Wednesday and Saturday) in Australia.

All about the UK Millionaire Maker Raffle

Every UK EuroMillions draw is accompanied by a UK Millionaire Maker draw, which offers two £1 million prizes, making two brand new millionaires per draw. The winners are the ones who match the 9-digit codes of the draw.

Aside from the UK, there are other EuroMillions countries that host local raffles. In Spain, for instance, the EuroMillions draws are accompanied by the El Millón raffle since September 2016. Another example is France EuroMillions, where the lottery officials organize the My Million raffle together with the bi-weekly EuroMillions draws.

EuroMillions SuperDraws

The European Lottery officials organize occasional special draws called SuperDraws. Since September 2016, the guaranteed jackpot amount for a SuperDraw was set at €130 million, and this can grow with each draw that does not have a winner, until it reaches the jaw-dropping value of €190 million – the EuroMillions’ lottery jackpot cap. The EuroMillions SuperDraws are highly anticipated events that usually occur a few times a year. They are usually organized to mark an event or an anniversary of the lottery.

Mega Week Raffle

The Mega Week is the Superdraw of EuroMillions raffles. It is also held on special occasions and it delivers 5-10 prizes of £1 million each. But, that’s not all! Aside from the awesome cash prize, the winners also get non-monetary prizes, which usually consist of luxurious holidays. Winners have the option of receiving the cash value of these prizes, which is calculated and announced by the UK Lottery official operator before the draw.

European Millionaire Maker

The European Millionaire Maker raffle is yet another special event in the EuroMillions lottery, which is held in all the EuroMillions countries. It takes place several times a year and guarantees a total of 25 winners, which scoop €1 million (£1 million in the UK) each!