How theLotter Australia's Service Works

To enjoy all the excitement of overseas lotteries, all you have to do is select the lottery you want to play from those listed on our site, choose your numbers, and we will buy official entries corresponding to your number selection. If you win, you will receive any benefits accrued to the official ticket purchased in the overseas draw. It’s as simple as that!

Enjoy the Biggest Lottery Draws in 4 Easy Steps!

  • Choose from international lotteries across the globe, no matter where you live! (Not available to residents of South Australia).
  • We buy an official lottery ticket corresponding to your order in one of our local overseas offices.
  • See a scan of the official ticket before the draw in your 100% secure, online account.
  • Receive automatic notifications when you win, and receive winnings accrued to the official ticket!
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What is theLotter Australia?

theLotter Australia, a lottery service supplier, is authorised under licence to provide a service to customers whereby a customer’s own selection of numbers is matched to an authorised international lottery. Backed by GeoTrust 128-bit SSL encryption and providing professional 24/7 customer service, theLotter Australia is the simple, safe, and secure way to enjoy lottery play in Australia. theLotter Australia is not available to residents of South Australia.

Which company operates theLotter Australia?

theLotter Australia is operated by Gaineroo Australia. Gaineroo Australia Pty Ltd ACN 638 202 114 is licensed and regulated by Australia’s Northern Territory Government under the Gaming Control Act 1993 NT. (License: IGL1011 issued on 25/01/2022).

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Our Lottery Service Supplier System


Can I purchase official tickets in overseas lotteries?


With our matched tickets to overseas lotteries, you can enjoy the same excitement and chances of winning at theLotter Australia. Select your numbers to any lottery offered on our site and you will be matched to official lottery draws from all over the world.


How will I find out when I’ve won?


When you win, theLotter Australia will notify you of your winnings via automated email. Your account will be credited with your winnings automatically. You can also view your win and the corresponding draw details at any time in the Wins section of your online account. You can even subscribe to theLotter Australia's free SMS win alerts and receive win notifications directly to your mobile phone.


How can I be sure I’ll receive my winnings?


When the numbers you chose match the winning numbers drawn by an official lottery, you will receive the same benefits accruing to the official, identical ticket purchased in that overseas lottery.

Winnings are paid by theLotter Australia. We are a Northern Territory licensed lottery service supplier. As a respected and reputable service, theLotter Australia has a proven track record of paying out winnings big and small to our many winners from all over Australia.