5 Lottery Films for the Biggest Lottery Fans Out There

Along the years, the lottery has been featured in a great many films because people have been dreaming about winning the lottery for quite some time now. We have chosen the five best films about the lottery that have captured the spirit of the biggest games out there and that can truly make you feel lucky enough to play the lottery yourself.

1. It Could Happen To You (1994)

Never in cinematic history has there been a better lottery fairytale than 1994’s It Could Happen to You. It features one of the most heartwarming love stories ever told and the entire atmosphere of the film is delightfully magical. Charlie Lang is a New York police officer who finds himself a few dollars short one day while having lunch. As such, he decides to promise his waitress half of any winnings he may get with his lottery ticket as a tip.

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Yvonne Biasi is one of those special people who always go out of their way to help others and make them feel better. And on the worst day of her life, Charlie Lang promises her half of his lottery winnings as a tip.Naturally, she assumes that she will never see him again and goes on with her day. But much to her surprise, and that of all New York for that matter, Charlie Lang comes back with a $2 million tip. Winning the American lotto changes everything for Charlie and Yvonne, as well as for all the people in their lives.

But what brings them together is precisely remaining down to Earth while being surrounded by their newly rich friends and family members. Find out if Charlie and Yvonne end up together in "It Could Happen To You".

2. Welcome to Me (2014)

Alice Klieg has Borderline Personality Disorder, which amongst other things, makes her drawn to her ideas and unable to process a detailed long term plan. When Alice wins the lottery, she is ready to make all of her wildest dreams come true.

After a well-deserved splurging spree and moving into a Las Vegas hotel, Alice finally realizes that there is no limit to what she can do with her millions, so she decides to produce and star in her very own daily show called Welcome to Me meant to introduce Alice to the entire world.

She decides to go off her medication, in spite of her doctor's protests, and virtually unleashes the uncensored version of Alice onto the world, in the form of a prime-time TV program. Find out how viewers react to Welcome to Me and just how big a TV show about an all-American girl can get in this amazing film.

3. Twenty Bucks (1993)

This 1993 film has a unique take on storytelling, as its title character is a $20 bill. From the moment it is taken out of an ATM machine and all the way to the point where it is destroyed, the bill goes from one hand to another, thus introducing all the secondary characters.

One of them is an elderly homeless woman who finds the bill to be her salvation. She is convinced that the bill's serial number holds the winning numbers for the lottery and all throughout the film, she tries to play her lucky numbers for a fabulous fortune.

Among the other people who use the bill, there are two odd thieves, a stripper, an aspiring young writer, and many others that are well worth your attention. The star-studded cast of this iconic 90's film includes Steve Buscemi, Brendan Fraser, Linda Hunt, and Elisabeth Shue, which makes it a direct trip to the America of the 90's.

4. The Lottery (2010)

After comedies and romantic fairytales, we have included a documentary on our list that is focused on a very different type of lottery. Due to the poor state of the American education system, all too many children find themselves fighting for a better school.

As such, charter schools get thousands of applicants with perfect records and stellar performances. Since all them fit the admittance criteria, the application process is conducted as a lottery. Children put in their files and hope to win a spot in a better school for a better future.

To make this relatable, the film presents the story of four boys from Harlem and the Bronx as they apply to a charter school. As you can imagine, the chance of them all getting admitted are fairly slim, in spite of their equally impressive education performances.

This documentary aims to put this harsh school application process into context by presenting the decay of the US education system and the repercussions it has had on America's youth, as well as the consequences it will have for the society of tomorrow.

5. The Hunger Games (2012)

The Hunger Games trilogy features a lottery game that nobody wants to win, as its winners get a direct spot in an epic fight to the death held every year as a tradition meant to remind the people of Panem that rebellion against the Capitol will not be tolerated.

When Katniss Everdeen sees her young sister holding a winning ticket for the Hunger Games, she volunteers to take her place in this gruesome fight. Thus, the modest girl from District 12 is taken to the glitzy Capitol and catapulted into a ruthless fight for survival held for the entertainment of the rich.

However, Katniss' performance in the Hunger Games is one that will shape the future of the Capitol and the entire Panem. She reminds people that having hope and courage even in the harshest of times can lead to greatness and becomes the voice of Panem's revolution.

So, which of these lottery movies would you choose? Will it be the heartwarming fairytale, the amusing comedies, the chilling documentary, or the epic adventure? Whichever one you choose, you're in for quite the cinematic treat! And just to get you into the mood, take a look at our collection of lottery songs. Enjoy!