Top 10 Australian Lottery Syndicate Winners

Playing the lottery as a group is an amazing experience because it helps the syndicate members bond throughout the process. And if it all ends with a big lottery win, then everybody can be happy together!

But just to show you how big these wins can be, we are going to tell you about 10 of the biggest lottery syndicate winners from Australia. Their stories will give you an idea of just how amazing the experience could be.

What Are Lottery Syndicates Anyway?

A lottery syndicate is a group of people who play the lottery together. The members purchase lottery tickets together, which means that these belong to all of them. Every member puts in a certain amount of money for the tickets, which determines the exact share of the potential prizes. If one or more of the group’s tickets leads to a win, then the members split the prize according to their shares.

This allows the syndicate members to purchase more tickets with a smaller investment. The central aim is to go into the game with higher chances of winning. And, as you will see in the stories, it can pay off tremendously. On theLotter Australia, you can participate in ready-made syndicates for your favorite lotteries and try out a new way to play!

Lottery Syndicate Winners from Australia

Australia’s 10 Biggest Lottery Syndicate Winners

Lottery syndicates are played all over the world. In fact, for some games, syndicates are part of the game’s tradition. One of them is the Spanish Christmas Lottery, which brings Spaniards together for the holidays for the collective hope of scooping one of the big prizes. In Australia, the most appealing syndicates appear to be in the Saturday Lotto, the Oz Lotto, and the Aussie Powerball, which is yet another reason why these are the most popular Aussie lotteries. There are the amazing stories of the biggest lottery syndicate winners from Australia:

1. Queensland Education Department Syndicate – AUD55 Million - Australia Powerball

A lottery syndicate of 21 coworkers from the Queensland Department of Education won an enormous AUD55 million jackpot in the Australia Powerball in January 2017. This meant that each member got a huge AUD2.62 million, which is a fortune in itself.

"We were talking in the office yesterday about what we would do if we won and now it has happened," said the leader of the syndicate during a press conference. She also said that this windfall would mean something different to all of them. Aged 23 to 60, the members of the Queensland syndicate had different plans for their newfound wealth.

"For some they may retire, others will clear debts and pay off mortgages and others have told me they will help their family.", she said. As all the syndicate members decided to remain anonymous after winning the lottery, we can only imagine what amazing things they have done with the money.

2. Sydney Factory Workers Syndicate – AUD40 Million – Australia Powerball

This is the story of 14 factory workers from Sydney who had a longstanding tradition of playing the lottery together. In May 2016, this paid off big for them, as they won a huge jackpot worth AUD40 million in the Australian Powerball. As recalled by Robert Adams, the leader of the syndicate, “Some of the syndicate members were shaking, others told me they had goosebumps. One of the guys even said his hair was standing on end and his face was tingling from the shock of it all.”

The joy of the 14 factory workers from Sydney was then clouded by a public dispute, as Brendan King, one of their co-workers, accused them of leaving him out from the syndicate. He filed a lawsuit against the group, claiming that he was “wrongfully excluded” from the win, thus losing his AUD2.7 million share of the jackpot. The prize collection process could not be completed before the lawsuit ended. In December 2016, the court ruled that Mr. King’s had no rightful claim to the prize, and the matter was resolved.

3. Retailer Group Syndicate – AUD30 Million – Oz Lotto

The Retailer Group Syndicate, as they chose to name themselves, took home a huge Oz Lotto jackpot of AUD 30 Million back in May 2015. The syndicate was made up of 10 people who had purchased shares for it at a lottery center in Booragoon, Perth and each member was entitled to a share of AUD3 million.

The numbers for the winning ticket were chosen by Soon-Chiang Yong, the owner of the lottery center. “I can’t believe it, it feels great to know these numbers are the winning ones. (...) I hoped for the best and I’m thrilled with the result,” he said.

4. The Darwin Syndicate – AUD20 Million – Oz Lotto

In August 2015, a lottery syndicate from Darwin won AUD20 million in the Oz Lotto. The division one prize was worth AUD60 million, but there were two other winning tickets for that draw. Each of the five members purchased their share in the lottery syndicate from a local news agency and it ended up bringing them a whopping AUD4 million.

This goes to show you that playing lottery syndicates can be thrilling even when you’re not playing with your friends, family, or co-workers. On theLotter Australia it’s so easy to play syndicates. All you have to do is choose this game format and select the number of shares you want. And just like that, you’re on your way to becoming a winner!

5. Western Australia Lotto Syndicate – AUD 17.4 Million – Oz Lotto

Back in June 2010, a syndicate of eight claimed their share of a AUD51 million jackpot in the Oz Lotto. As there were three winners in that draw, this amounted to AUD17.4 million. This left each member of the syndicate with a AUD2.17 million win, which is a striking amount.

The eight members of the syndicate were not acquainted, as the West Australia syndicate was organized by a local lottery retailer. Just as it is on theLotter Australia, each member had purchased a share individually, but, in the end, they all got to win together.

6. Gary Baron and the Swindled Syndicate – AUD16.6 Million – Australia Powerball

It was a joyous moment for Gary Baron of Geelong, Melbourne, when he became one of the three winners of a AUD50 million Aussie Powerball jackpot. This entitled him to a whopping AUD16.6 million share of the prize. But, his joy did not last long, as soon after his win in May 2015, 14 of his former colleagues sued him for ripping them off of their alleged part of the lottery win. It seems that Mr. Baron was the leader of a work syndicate that they were all in together. There was a 16th member as well, Mr. Baron’s girlfriend, but she was not part of the suite.

As the syndicate leader, Mr. Baron who was usually in charge of purchasing the lottery tickets. In his official statement, he claimed that his AUD16.6 million win came out of a different ticket, which he had purchased for himself only. His colleagues took matters to court, which seemed to have quite the effect on the new lottery winner. Eventually, the matter was settled outside the courtroom, as the syndicate members reached an agreement in private.

7. The Tradie Syndicate – AUD 16.4 Million - Australia Powerball

Six Aussie tradies started a lottery syndicate at work. They would each chip in to buy 50 lines in the Powerball every single week. As it turns out, this was a very useful habit because it led them to an AUD 16.4 million jackpot in October 2017.

With AUD2.74 million in their pockets, the six 20-year-olds decided to quit their jobs and embrace their lives as lottery winners. "We’re all going to quit at the same time!”, the new millionaires said. Some of them wanted to pay off their mortgages, others wanted to buy new houses, but they were all ready for a fresh start. "Thank you very much. You’ve made my year!", said one of them.

8. Perth Lottery Syndicate – AUD4.2 Million – Saturday Lotto

10 lotto fans from Perth entered the Saturday Lotto Superdraw together and their luck paid off well. There were 5 winning tickets for the division one prize that draw, and one of them was theirs, which meant that they scooped an amazing AUD4.2 million.

As they had equal shares in the lottery syndicate, each of them got AUD420,000. “I’m yet to celebrate but I plan to have a pint or two over dinner. Almost half a million dollars is definitely beer worthy.”, said one member of the Perth syndicate.

9. The Australian Three Amigos – AUD 2 Million – Oz Lotto

You may have heard about the Three Amigos who won over USD200 million in the Mega Millions. This is one of the top lottery syndicates of all time, and we’re happy to let you know that there’s a Three Amigos syndicate in Australia as well as of January 2009. The Aussie Three Amigos won over AUD2 million the OZ Lotto. Since they were the sole winners of the division one prize in the Oz Lotto, they split the jackpot between themselves.

Aside from the jackpot, they also won the division three prize seven times, which boosted their total win to a huge AUD2.1 million. The Three Amigos had been playing the same numbers for a while, and just before the draw, one of them wanted to change them. Luckily for them, the syndicate leader asked them to “hand on a bit”. How’s that for inspiration?

“Pretty mad, eh?”, said the leader of the syndicate. “We’re going to get a new home, my mate’s going to get a farm and my other mate will pay his home off. It’s all pretty good!” The Three Amigos really live up to their name, as they have been friends for a very long time. This makes their win even more special because they get to enjoy it together. “The Three Amigos! We’re riding off into the sunset with $2 million!”

10. The Magneto Syndicate – AUD1.7 Million – Saturday Lotto

Everybody wants in on the excitement of the Saturday Lotto Superdraws. But 10 lottery fans decided to go in together as the Magneto syndicate in September 2017. Inspired by the masterful X-Men villain, the syndicate put in their Saturday Lotto tickets and it seems that luck was on their side, as they scooped the division one prize.

As there were 11 other winning tickets for the first prize, the Magneto syndicate won AUD1.66 million. But that’s not all they won that day. With their full set of tickets, they also won the division three prize 36 times and division four 225 times, which boosted their win to AUD1,71 million. With 10 members in the group, this amounted to AUD171,726.20 for each of them. With Magneto on their side, these Aussies really made a difference!

As you can see, playing lottery syndicates in Australian lotteries can be extremely exciting and most certainly well worth the effort. If you want to try out syndicates for yourself, gather your friends and put in your tickets together or simply go on Explore our lottery list and choose the best syndicate for you! Whether you want your syndicate to be in an Aussie lottery or you want to go international, you will find the best offers right here on our platform! Good luck!