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Australian Player Wins $1 Million in the US Powerball with theLotter Australia

On Wednesday, October 19th 2016, one very lucky player from Australia has scooped a fantastic $1 million lottery prize by playing playing US Powerball online online on theLotter. He chose to go by ‘G.’ to preserve his anonymity, but we’ve decided to dub him ‘the Wonder from Down Under’ because we’re very proud of our Aussie winner!

The Phone Call That Changed G.’s Life

G. was lucky enough to get that phone call we all want to get after playing the lottery. We were so happy to let him know that he is a millionaire and needless to say, he was thrilled to get the good news! He was surprised at first, then he couldn’t believe that it was actually happening, but then he embraced it! One phone call changed G.’s life completely!

Solid Commitment to the Lottery

If you’re wondering how G. got to be a millionaire, well it was clearly through a huge stroke of luck, but it was his perseverance and his commitment to the lottery that finally enabled him to win. In fact, this is the advice that G. has for other lottery players: ‘Just keep your faith. Never doubt yourself and keep your faith, that’s the only thing that you can do.’ Coming from a man who is now $1 million richer thanks to his passion for the lottery, this is clearly sound advice.

Great Lottery Prizes Come to Those Who Play!

theLotter Australian Winner

G.'s story starts out like in the lottery movies. This $1 million prize was not the first lottery prize that G. has won on theLotter. He has been playing with us since 2003, when he discovered just how “convenient and easy to use” our services are. Throughout the years, he has gathered 452 wins by playing world lotteries, including a AUD$325 prize in the Germany Lotto and a AUD$115 win in the Swiss Lotto. His favorite games remain the lotto giants, US Powerball and Mega Millions. As for his number choices, G. is a fan of the Quick Pick option, but he has been known to play some lucky numbers in the past.

G’s Million Dollar Ticket

 Aussie $1 million ticket

In the picture above, you can see G.’s actual winning ticket for the draw 2016/84, which took place on Wednesday, October 19th 2016. He has managed to guess all the five main numbers for the US Powerball, which were 10-16-38-43-66, which earned him the second prize, worth a whopping $1 million. G. chose 16 for the Powerball number, but had he chosen 23 instead, he would have been the jackpot winner. However, he is more than happy with his million-dollar turnout. After taxes, “the Wonder from Down Under” was left with AUD$937,758, which is the equivalent of about $700,000.

Australian Lottery Winner

theLotter Australia Brings the US Powerball to You

G. was the third theLotter Australia player to win a $1 million prize in the US Powerball and the fourth ever. Back in 2012, B.U. from the UK took home $1 million after putting in his ticket on theLotter. He was followed by H.V. from El Salvador, who won his very own $1 million on January 13th 2016, which was the date of the historic Powerball draw that offered the record-breaking jackpot of $1.58 billion. Then, only a few weeks later, in February 2016, P. from Quebec took home the $1 million second prize in the US Powerball.

G. is the first Australian player on theLotter to win a $1 million prize in the US Powerball. This goes to show you that it doesn’t matter where you play the lottery from, with theLotter, you can play it global! The biggest lottery games in the world and the largest jackpots are just a few clicks away!

The Fabulous US Powerball Jackpot

With a starting amount of $40 million, the US Powerball jackpot is one of the highest on the lottery market. But there is so much more to this fabulous prize, because it has no established cap! As such, it can reach overwhelming amounts with each rollover. Just to prove the immense potential of this fabulous prize, we’re going to tell you that it holds the world record for the biggest jackpot, with its January 13th prize, worth a legendary $1.58 BILLION!

If you want to get your very own chance to win the fantastic US Powerball jackpot or the fabulous $1 million second prize, the take G.’s advice and keep playing the lottery. Purchase your tickets on theLotter Australia and take advantage of the excellent play options we offer our players! Good luck!

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